The Best Anti-Spyware Software 2013 Review
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A Review of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro (read review)

While there are many different anti-malware software programs on the market, some of these programs can be difficult to maneuver, for the average inexperienced user. With a simple and easy to use interface, this is not the case with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro. This program uses a tab structure that allows for easy navigation.

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The Best Anti-Spyware Software 2013 Review with pros and cons

In today's world most people have a computer or some type of device that connects to the Internet. Though a computer makes life much easier and allows you to connect to the world around you in new ways, it can also become a magnet for unscrupulous software developers who have nothing better to do than to create programs and viruses that wreak havoc on your PC. Even with the latest and most up to date anti-virus software, sneaky programs can still get in.

Many people are finding that they need anti-spyware, but are unsure of what programs will work best. Some people feel that they can live without spyware protection but quickly change their minds when they are faced with a spyware program that is impossible to remove manually. No matter what your thoughts on spyware, having the right protection for your computer is always a good thing. With spyware protection, you can rest assured that your computer is protected at all times, from the risks of spyware threats.
malwarebytes antimalware
malwarebytes antimalware
Though it can be particularly sluggish in scanning, it does effectively protect your computer from a variety of spyware programs, Trojans, viruses, and infectious malware.

Through the scans of Anti-Malware Pro, the program works to find spyware, malware, keyloggers, and other programs that can be used to hack your computer or cause malicious harm. Users can choose whether they would like these scans to be performed automatically or through command. This allows users to choose when they would like the scan to occur. Since the program uses a lot of memory in a scan (as much as 90MB), this can be helpful when you are needing to use your computer.

This malware program has been found to be one of the easiest to use. Perfect for the novice, who does not understand the workings of complicated programs, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro offers most of the services that one would need to fight off spyware, without all of the advanced options that inexperienced users would find cumbersome.

Through Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro, users can choose from three different scanning options. There is Fast (which scans the most common files of your computer), the Complete (which scans everything) and the Flash (which only scans the memory and the automated processes on your computer).

Though a bit sluggish and slow in performing a scan (at only 10MB per second) the program makes up for its slow pace with its strong ability to remove malware. With real-time protection, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro offers a stealthy protection for those who are on the Internet frequently.


- Offers three scanning choices
- Real-time protection
- Easy to use interface tabs
- Blocks dangerous sites as you browse
- Fast support response


- Slow scan times
- Needs some improvement in its detection
- Uses a lot of memory when scanning
- Offers no support options, other than email
- Does not offer rootkit protection
Exterminate It
A Review of Exterminate It (read review)

Exterminate It is an anti-malware tool that can be used in Windows. This easy to use tool is perfect for the beginner who does not have a lot of computer knowledge or simply wants a simple to use tool, without the extras. With an easy installation, users can soon have their entire computer being scanned for spyware and malware threats. This tool is effectively able to remove threats with just a few clicks.

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The first step to scanning the computer is to simply click on the scan button. The tool begins working in scanning every single item on the computer. Once it has finished, the user is given a report. The user reviews the report and checks each item, and then simply clicks on Exterminate and the malware or spyware is gone. Very few malware tools offer such ease in removal.

In the newest version, there are four different scanning options available. Memory Scan scans only the memory of the computer, making it the fastest scan. This will only pickup active malware, spyware, and viruses but can be an effective and fast tool for removal. There is also the Smart Scan option, which checks the areas of your computer that are typically the most vulnerable to threats. There is also the Full Scan option, which provides the most complete scan of your entire computer system. Finally Exterminate It also offers a Custom Scan. This scan option allows the user to choose the exact areas of the computer that they want scanned.

The scanning process for Exterminate It also offers different commands that allow the user to customize the scan. There is a Silent command that scans without notifying the user. This is great if you are busy working and do not want to be interrupted. There is the Force Close command, which closes the program automatically, after it has performed the scan. Along with these commands, there is also the Scan Log option, which allows the program to save all of the scanned items into a convenient folder of the user's choosing.


- Features a user-friendly interface
- Easy click options for fast removal
- Four scanning options to choose from
- Scanning commands that offer more options


- Offers no advice on what users should delete
- Detects all cookies as malware
- The scanning process cannot be paused
- Slow scanning process
A Review of Spynomore (read review)

Spynomore is a tool that is able to scan, clean, block, and protect your computer from a host of malware that can cause issues in your computer. Unlike some other malware programs, Spynomore boasts of being able to remove any and all threats from your computer, even the impossible to remove ones. With a ticketed response service, users can send in reports on the malware that they are having trouble removing.

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The customer service team reads the report, finds the solution, and sends the user a customized fix that removes the malware completely.

Spynomore is a pretty easy to use system. With a straightforward interface, users can easily choose their scanning options and can pause the scan or stop it completely. Once the scan has completed, a detailed report shows what the program found and users have the option of removal. The Roll Back feature means that all found items will go to quarantine. This prevents the removal of useful programs and files.

Spynomore also offers Active Protection, a service that most find very useful. This portion of the program keeps you protected as you browse the web, blocking dangerous sites before you are able to open them. Users are also given information on the amount of virus vaccinations that they have. These virus vaccinations are updated regularly, to prevent new malware from infecting your computer.

One of the biggest pros of the Spynomore program is the level of customer service that is offered. Many malware and spyware removers come with very little to no support. The Spynomore support team manually reviews all ticket submissions and helps users to remove stubborn malware or answer questions.


- Easy and fast installation
- Blocks dangerous sites
- Excellent customer support
- Different scan mode options
- Customized scanning scheduling


- Can slow some computers down while scanning or updating
- No customization options for scanning particular folders
- The free trial does not remove malware
Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7
A Review of Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7 offers users something that many malware removers cannot. Using two engines (the Emsisoft and the BitDefender), this software gives users a much higher detection rate and in tests was able to pass almost all of the detection tests in testing labs. This powerful tool protects computers from a variety of threats, including spyware, malware, viruses, and much more.

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7 allows its users to choose from four different scan types. The Quick Scan scans only active programs and can find spyware that is actively running on your computer. The Smart Scan scans the most important and vulnerable areas of your computer. Also, Emsisoft offers a Deep Scan option that scans the entire computer, including all files and hard disks. While this is the most complete scan, it is also the slowest. Finally, the program also offers a Custom Scan option. Perhaps one of the most popular options amongst experienced malware program users, this option allows users to manually set their scanning options, even allowing the settings to be stored for future scans.

Along with the scanning options, Emsisoft Anti-Malware 7 also gives its users a powerful tool called The Behavior Blocker. This allows users to manually set up the behaviors that they want the program to monitor on their computer. Emsisoft also offers users Active Protection that protects the computer while the user is browsing the web, blocking dangerous sites before they can access your computer and cause damage.


- Has the ability to be used in conjunction with other anti-virus software
- Offers two engines
- Blocks dangerous websites
- Easy to use interface


- Uses a lot of memory on booting, scanning, and updates
- Surf protection often detects sites that are not dangerous
- There is no free version available
STOPzilla AVM 2013
A Review of STOPzilla AVM 2013

STOPzilla Anti-Malware 2013 is a malware and anti-virus tool that provides the best of both removal and protection in one program. After installation and the first required scan, users are given four different scanning options to choose from. The Quick option scans the active programs on your computer. This means that it will only find viruses, spyware, and malware that are active on your computer at the time of the scan. The Intelligent scan performs a scan on the typically vulnerable areas of your computer, finding even inactive malware and viruses.

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The third option, found in the Full scan, scans your entire computer, all files, and all hard disks. While this is the most complete scan, it does take a much longer time than the other scanning options. Finally, the Custom scan option allows users to choose their own scan settings that can be saved for future scans as well. For those that are unfamiliar with malware detection programs, STOPzilla offers a handy chart that explains each scanning option and what it entails.

STOPzilla Anti-Malware 2013 offers many of the tools that users have come to expect in malware removal programs and then some. The program offers real-time protection so that users are protected while they surf the web. With the added protection of an advanced pop-up blocker, safe web browsing is available.

Virus definitions are updated often and users can also choose the times and types for their automatic scans. Through the STOPzilla Safety Network, a cloud service, brand new threats are detected across the board. Using this data, the support team is able to quickly update the threat databases and provide an antidote for their users as quickly as possible.


- Offers real-time protection
- Advanced pop-up blocking technology
- Different scanning options
- Browser history cleaner
- Simple to use
- Good support response


- Most of the scans tend to cause your computer to run sluggishly
- Scan results often include safe sites and files
- Trial versions do not allow for full function
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