Avast Internet Security 8 Review
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Avast Internet Security 8 vs 7 Comparison Review

Avast's free antivirus was considered one of the top antivirus products with the highest number of installations worldwide, according to a study conducted by OPSWAT. Avast Internet Security 8 is the next-generation suite of the company that comes with an updated interface along with more options and extras. How does the new security software compare with Avast Internet Security 7? Here's a comparison of the two software including the pros and cons.
Avast Internet Security 8
Avast Internet Security 7 interface
Avast Internet Security 7 interface
Avast Internet Security 7

This antivirus software offers malware protection, spam filtering, extra firewall and a sandbox virtualization feature that tech-savvy users find appealing.

Major Pro

- Visually attractive with a user-friendly interface

Avast 7 looks rather slick and appealing with its thin-lined installation procedure and clean, user-friendly interface

- Useful new features and extra additions

There's a new installation option that allows you to install your Internet Security 7 software as a second line of defense on your PC. There's also the Remote Assistance feature and the Auto Sandbox feature, which helps Avast automatically isolate any suspicious program into a sandbox to avoid any potential harm to your computer

- Improvements on the security functions

The security front comes with significant updates. It has a statistics module and an extensive support feature that lets you create and send a support package to Avast personnel in case you need to troubleshoot a problem

- SafeZone safeguards sensitive browsing sessions

SafeZone is a useful extension that allows you to access private transactions like shopping and online banking through a safer, alternative desktop

- Better firewall

This is one of the best updated features of Avast Internet Security 7 since there are five different configurations sub-areas and three different risk zones. You can quickly configure these settings to your liking.

Major Con

- Slow scans

Some users of Avast 7 complain about the sluggish scans that somewhat slow down the system

- No parental control

The security suite doesn't have the capability to create unique user profiles for comprehensive parental control.

In general, the Avast Internet Security 7 suite is great for computers used by adult users since it doesn't have specific tools to block sites and filter search results.
Avast Internet Security 8 interface
Avast Internet Security 8 interface
Avast Internet Security 8

Avast 8 is packed with tons of new features that improve security and protection. It comes with extra safety layers to secure private activities such as banking and online shopping. Plus, it's also optimized for Windows 8.

Major Pro

- Lovely new user interface

The UI is made sleeker and more user-friendly with its convenient customizable features

- Optimized for touch screen

Avast 8 works smoothly for touch screen computers, and it simplifies the use of antivirus software on any touch-based Windows 8 device

- Better Avast Sandbox

The improved feature provides added security layers to run the application safely in a cyber environment. You can place any suspicious program to a sandbox, so your computer remains secure from common Internet virus and malware dangers

- New browser cleanup

With this new function, you can easily get rid of pesky plug-ins and toolbars for a faster browsing experience

- New software updater

This shows you a general overview of software and applications that need to be updated

- Better silent firewall

Log-in is made easier for more extensive statistics. The firewall works on IPV4 as well as IPV6 networks

- Better behavior shield and antispam features

The antispam comes with improved reporting functions, and the behavior shield has better precision.

Major Con

- Slow scans

Same as the previous version, users say that the new Avast 8 still takes a relatively long time to scan a PC

- Lack of parental control

It also doesn't come with parental control features.

Overall, Avast Internet Security 8 is an outstanding software that's best suited for Windows 8 users. It has almost the same features as its previous version but with new additions and better improvements. If you don't mind the lack of parental control and want great security software for your Windows 8 computer, then Avast 8 is a brilliant pick for you.
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