Norton Internet Security 2013 Review
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Norton Internet Security 2013 Review

Symantec's 2013 edition of Norton Internet Security is now available. Just how well does the new product perform? Does it hold up to the competition? In a competitive market, there are numerous security software options. Choosing the program that best fits not only your needs but also provides the appropriate protection for intended use can be a complicated decision. Weighing both pros and cons and examining performance review scan help you anticipate how the software will fit with your current operating system. Both PC Magazine and PC World performed numerous operating tests on the new Norton Internet Security program and concluded results ranging from speed to malware and virus protection. The following is a summary of the program features as well as results from said tests.
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Norton Internet Security 2013 interface
Norton Internet Security 2013 interface
The Norton name has become synonymous with internet protection through their continuous demonstration of effective products and programs. The 2013 version of Norton Internet Security hits the market as no exception to the caliber of program we have come to expect. The virus protection has stepped up its game a bit. This newest version features 24/7 threat monitoring software which continuously monitors any and all suspicious activity and blocks any viruses before they can attack. The scan elements detect and remove any nefarious threats from your downloads.

A problem with other software is their scope pertaining to already existing and well-hidden threats within your system. The Norton program scans all files to discover these threats. There are also anticipatory elements within the sophisticated design which will prevent potential malware threats that have yet to even be created. Slow system performance is often due to websites downloading spyware and malware unbeknownst to the user. Norton blocks these threats before they can infect your system. Customer satisfaction is an important component and Norton has a 24/7 built-in tech support which includes free email, phone, live chat and remote access as needed.
Norton Internet Security 2013 antispam settings
Norton Internet Security 2013 antispam settings
Feature description can only tell you so much. The most important determination in purchasing internet protection programs is how they perform in real-time situations. PC Magazine and PC World both ran performance tests with both Norton Internet Security 2013 as well as a handful of competing programs. Check Top Internet Security 2013 Suites review here.

PC Magazine described Norton as receiving their top malware removal score while generating high marks from independent labs as well. In PC World's real-world test, Norton successfully blocked, detected and disabled all malware. Overall, this particular performance earned Norton a 2nd place ranking out of all of the other software tested. While the malware tests were near perfect, the system clean-up test earned the description of "acceptable," performing with a lesser percentage of detected and disabled system infections and a lower percentage of removing all traces of discovered infections. It was pointed out however, that the Norton system is a rather lightweight program whereas other competitors take up a much more noticeable presence in your operating system. It was noted that the program added only one second to the startup time and only three seconds to the system shutdown. Scanning speed was also impressively fast. The on-demand manual scan takes only one minute and 19 seconds while the on-access scan takes only two minutes and 55 seconds.


Weighing the pros and cons and generalizing the overall performance, Norton seems a good fit for most system needs. With its touch-optimized interfaced main page it is especially compatible with Windows 8. However, the OS compatibility includes Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 as well. Some of the cons include a few short comings in the performance tests as mention above. While the program is designed with big, touch-friendly tiles and a straightforward design, some of the features may be too complicated for some users. Overall, Norton Internet Security 2013 provides strong security, fast scans and little system impact and disruption making it a great choice for most consumers.
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