AVG Internet Security 2013 Review
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AVG Internet Security 2013
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AVG Internet Security 2013 Review

The AVG Model

AVG Internet Security is a free antivirus service - one of the most prominent and popular of an emergent market cornered by open source projects aimed at providing users with security enhancements minus the cost. But unlike other free security suites on the market, AVG has recently packed on new features to a $55 successor suite in order to become competitive with the costlier offers on the market. Outfitted with link scanning, anti-spyware, identity theft protection, and safe search options, the 2013 AVG Internet Security software has become a full-blown security suite.

Enhanced features like website reporting tools, a YouTube accelerator, Facebook protection, and anti-bullying protocols designed to appeal to family households incentivize customers to upgrade their free AVG security to the paid version at a cost of $55 for one year of protection. The basic AVG suite still offers a laundry list of fundamental security features in addition to being a breezy and fast installation. AVG's upgraded accessible interface allows users to schedule their own customizable updates and scans, protect their identity, scan USB and disk drives for potential security risks, and even stall its processes in order to accommodate laptops with low battery power. Inexpensive add-ons allow users to improve on this basic security suite with the weapons of their choice; a parental control upgrade, for example, can be purchased for a low price on its own without the need to overhaul the entire security suite.
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AVG Internet Security 2013 interface
AVG Internet Security 2013 interface
AVG has been designed to detect a multitude of malware risks by providing protection not only from the Internet, but email attachments, IM links, external drives, optical disks, file sharing, and social media links that have become a hotbed for scammers, phishing, spyware, and malware in recent years. Utilizing advanced heuristic, polymorphic, signature, and behavior-based analysis systems in order to decode all manner of security breaches: adware, Trojans, spyware, browser hijacks, rootkits and the aforementioned phishing scams.

A patented website advisor tool called LinkScanner provides a rating-based system for websites through every popular search engine in order to determine the safety of the site before so much as clicking on the link. The free version of AVG offers customer service features through email and chatting services, while the $55 AVG Internet Security 2013 provides users with twenty-four/seven support across a variety of channels, including telephone, video tutorials, virus removal tool help sections, and a forum populated by users who can share their own questions, comments, and concerns about the product.
AVG Internet Security 2013 applications permissions
AVG Internet Security 2013 applications permissions
To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade??

AVG 2013's interface is comprised of a Computer section, a Web Browsing section, an Identity section, an E-Mail section, and a Firewall section, all of which fail to address the lack of a sandbox option. For the uninitiated, sandboxes are virtual and isolated spots where users can open a URL and peruse the security of the website without the possibility of their computer being attacked. AVG provides features that allow users to manually alert AVG of suspicious websites and receive an almost instantaneous evaluation, but it pales in comparison to automated sandbox functions that are so common in many competing security suites.

Negligence on the part of AVG has been overlooked in the past due to the limitations of the free open source marketplace, but with the recent unveiling of the costly AVG Internet Security 2013, the lack of features like sandbox and secure browser options are not so easily swept under the proverbial rug. Nevertheless, the 2013 suite is a substantial upgrade from the free version. Users who have become familiar with the brand and its layout are urged to look into the next best thing.
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