The Best Internet Security 2013 Suite Review
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The Best Internet Security 2013 Suite Review and Comparison

Running antimalware software is the easiest and most effective way to keep your computer safe and secure from Internet threats. Average to tech-savvy users all put their trust in high-end Internet security suites that can detect potential e-threats such as viruses, spam and spyware.

If you're considering using one, understand early on that the perfect online security suite doesn't exist. There are, however, good buys that offer the protection you need at a reasonable price. Here are five of the latest products that are worth your money.
$30 OFF Kaspersky ONE Universal Security
Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (read review)

This malware defense software has an intuitive user interface that impresses first-time users immediately. The main screen contains a quick overview of your computer's condition (the presence or absence of any Internet threats), software updates, security recommendations and a row of buttons that serve as shortcuts to the software's main features.

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The "Scan" button is first to show up in the main screen. Users can manually scan their computer for threats right after opening the application. Kaspersky also gives you an added layer of protection by automatically scanning your system for potential threats and detecting critical areas that need urgent attention.

Other key features that appear alongside the "Scan" button include an update checker, Safe Money and Parental Control. Safe Money is a unique technology that keeps your session on online banking and payment sites protected. If you're worried about cyber criminals and identity thieves, Safe Money provides a compelling reason to try Kaspersky.

Safe Money works great with other Kaspersky technologies such as "Secure Keyboard" and an improved "Virtual Keyboard." The first automatically opens whenever you visit a bank or payment website or enter a password on any web page. It prevents keyloggers from accessing sensitive information you enter through your physical keyboard. The second enables you to use mouse-clicks for data input so that your keystrokes can't be tracked or access by hackers, keyloggers and identity thieves.

The only disadvantage you'll most likely find in a high-end Internet security suite like Kaspersky is its price. It's not cheap. The protection and peace of mind it gives you, however, outweighs its cost.
BitDefender Internet Security 2013
BitDefender Internet Security 2014 (read review)

BitDefender is a leading brand in the Internet security industry. BitDefender's recently launched product, Internet Security is especially attractive to PC users who upgraded to Windows 8. It's one of the very few security suites that is fully compatible with Windows 8, and it fully complements Windows 8's Metro user interface.

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The main window is designed around important features such as Anti-virus, Privacy, Firewall and Update. For full and automatic protection, there's a Security Widget that shows Scanning progress and Real Time scan. The Security Widget also displays the current status of your PC and possible threats, if there are any.

BitDefender has at least three innovative features frequent Internet users will find helpful.

First, there's Safego for Facebook and Twitter, which automatically scans your social accounts for possible spam links and e-threats.

Second, there's Safebox, a highly secured online storage where you can store and encrypt sensitive files and folders.

Third, there's Safepay, which acts as a specialized browser for securing transactions made through banking and online payment websites.

If these aren't compelling enough, there's an Anti-Theft feature that tracks your device location when it's stolen or missing.

While BitDefender offers robust security protection, it needs a high computer specification for it to run smoothly. Otherwise, the product is definitely worth its price.
Norton Internet Security 2013
Norton Internet Security 2013 (read review)

A premium malware product from Symantec, Norton Internet Security 2013 rates highly with independent labs. It offers, among others, a multi-layered protection that blocks potential and existing Internet threats. It also beat Kaspersky in terms of malware cleanup, although a standard system cleanup can take almost an hour to finish.

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If you're deciding what to choose among the top security suites, Norton Internet Security 2013 differs in that it beat other similar products in a PCMag malware removal test. The only thing about this product that disappoints is its average malware blocking performance. Check Acronis True Image 2013 vs Norton 360 review.
AVG Internet Security 2013
AVG Internet Security 2013 (read review)

AVG has always been a popular security suite because of its free anti-virus application. Its recent offering, AVG Internet Security 2013 improves upon AVG's existing Internet security capabilities. It scans faster, significantly cuts boost time, and lowers memory consumption.

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Like Norton Internet Security 2013, AVG's similar offering sports Metro UI Windows 8 users will like. It's the first big change you'll notice if you have been using AVG.

What's good about this suite is that it organizes its features around five core areas: Computer, Web Browsing, Identity, Emails, Firewall. You can turn off any of them or even customize its key settings for a personalized experience.

There are two things not to like about AVG 2013. First, it runs a number of processes and affects RAM use. Second, its anti-phishing detection falls below average.
G-Data Internet Security 2013 (read review)

G-Data's latest anti-malware application is one of the best Internet security suites available. Real-world tests conducted by PC World found the package excellent in terms of false-positive rate, malware removal and on-demand scan test.

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If all you need is powerful software that surpasses other contenders in stopping malware, G-Data Internet Security 2013 is definitely a good buy. It's not a perfect suite though. The sluggish on-access scan speed and unimpressive interface are a bit disappointing. Its interface needs a makeover since, unless you're a long-time G-Data user, you'll find it hard to navigate commonly used features.
Avast Internet Security 7
Avast Internet Security 8 (read review)

Avast Internet Security 8 is a premium product from the makers of the world's most-installed free anti-virus software. This version, however, is not as popular as its contenders. It offers the same protection as the company's free version but adds some unusual features for tech-savvy users.

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There's a lot to like about this product though. If you're a sandbox junkie, Avast Internet Security 8 offers built-in remote assistance and sandbox virtualization. Otherwise, you'll be better off using other Internet security suites.

This package has some serious disadvantages. For one, it doesn't offer parental control and firewall protection. It also performs poorly in terms of anti-phishing detection.

Top-notch antivirus and antimalware applications aren't cheap, but they definitely make a good investment considering their performance. Make sure to choose one that fits your needs. Check also top 5 antivirus software 2013 review and the best anti-spyware software 2013.
G-Data Internet Security 2013
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