Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review
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kaspersky internet security

Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 Review and Comparison with 2013 Version.

Since the evolution, the Kaspersky Labs has been firmly positioned as one of the world’s leading internet security solution vendors, and today it is the largest privately held developer of endpoint protection application. They provide a wide range of effective security solutions for all popular operating systems and their products cover the entire internet security needs of both domestic and commercial users. The Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 belongs to their most successful releases, and is one of the top selling internet security solutions in the world. Now, they have released Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, a revised edition equipped with more effective and refined tools and features to defend the emerging threats from the new generation cyber criminals.
Author: Paul Carry | 02.09.2013
How to configure additional protection
Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 an overview

The internet threats have become more and more sophisticated and Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is a specially designed Anti-Virus and content security solution that provide the user with complete protection from all threats. It can defend the computer against Virus, Adware, Spyware, Rootkits, keyloggers, hackers, phishing websites, and all other objectionable security and content threats.  It is incorporated with many new technologies such as Safe Money, Secure Keyboard, ZETA Shield, Trusted Application Mode etc to ensure that the user remain always safe while using web to surf, shop, bank, social network and more. With Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, the user can make all the financial transactions via online banks, payment systems and e-stores with confidence. Moreover, it safeguards the identity and privacy of the user and helps them to keep the children out of explicit websites.
Features of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

Real-time protection: the new version of this software offers a number of updated technologies that can provide full protection during every online activity. It includes

- Safe Money: This technology provides ultimate security to the data during financial transactions. It ensures that the web site you are making online payment or transaction is genuine and you are not tricked by any phishing websites.

- Secure Keyboard: This function will protect from keyloggers by enabling you to use the virtual keyboard to enter the important information such as credit card number, PIN numbers etc. It facilitates you to furnish data with mouse clicks, so that the keylogger could not steal your important information by tracking the keystrokes.

- File and URL Advisor: Using cloud based technologies, the file advisor will automatically check the safety of all files that you may access and the URL advisor will add a color-coded tag to the web links so that you can have an idea about the danger in opening the link and the subsequent pages.

Proactive protection against unknown threats: Nowadays, the viruses have become smarter than ever and they can easily enter your system exploiting the application and system vulnerabilities. The Kaspersky Internet security can easily defend such threats by analyzing and controlling the activities of the applications and programs with its Automatic Exploit Prevention function. This proactive protection will block the programs that are found to be suspicious, and protects the system from any harm. In addition, if anything undesired happens, you can roll back the system to the original condition before malware attack, using the System Watcher function.

ZETA Shield:
This technology can prevent even the most advanced malware from intruding your PC by detecting them with the sophisticated Code Scanning system. The ZETA shield conducts a deep analysis of the data, to identify non-standard elements and prevent them from penetrating into your device.

On the way to cloud protection:
This function included in the Kaspersky Internet security 2014 refers to Kaspersky Security network, a cloud based online database on Kaspersky servers that contains up-to-date information about dangerous applications, when the user runs a file to ensure it is safe.

Advanced Parental Control: The new version of Kaspersky Internet security offers improved and advanced Parental Control Functions. It enables the parents to protect the children from the dark side of the internet and makes it possible for the parents to control access to the PC and internet. It also limits file downloads, social networking and games usage depending upon the ratings.

Hassle-free protection with maximum PC performance
: Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 offers ultimate security to your PC without sacrificing its performance. It will never annoy you with questions and alerts. It can do all the functions to ensure the protection of your PC and sensitive data without affecting its speed and performance.

Rescue Disk:
The rescue disc is very useful when the OS and anti-virus fail to load normally. It contains a set of features that can detect and cure infections on the computer and bring it back to normal operating conditions.

Newly Added Features

Trusted Application Mode: When turned on, this mode will provide extra protection to you, by restricting the applications that are not designated as safe by the Kaspersky Whitelisting service.

Anti-Blocker: This new feature will protect your system from the attack of ransomware and Trojans that blocks your computer and demands money to lift the restrictions. It can be activated using a predetermined key combination even when Blocker Trojan blocks your computer from any user interactions.

Pros and cons of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

Pros: It offers very fast scanning and improved detection of malwares, such as Rootkit and Trojans that the rivals missed. It is very easy to install and have a faster update speed. In addition, it is easy to configure and the user interface is simple and friendly.

Cons: It slow down the booting and in PCs with lower configuration, it affects the system performance.

Advantages of Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 over previous version Kaspersky Internet Security 2013

In the 2014 version of their Internet security solution, Kaspersky have added a bunch of useful new features and refined the existing to provide complete proactive protection system for your PC. The features such as Safe Money, Parental Control, File and URL advisor and ZETA shield have been thoroughly revised to make it powerful enough to combat with the emerging new threats from the cyber criminals.


Nowadays, the internet has emerged as the prime medium for shopping, banking and sharing information. The past few years has witnessed a substantial increase in the online activities and along with this, there is a corresponding growth in the malwares and other complex internet threats that can compromise the security of the computer and the safety of the sensitive personal information. Even with the most secure connections and other authentication or encryption schemes, the cyber criminals find a way to steal identity or do whatever they want. In this context, a trustworthy internet security solution is necessary for everyone and the Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is definitely the best choice as it can effectively defend identity theft or such sinister problems.
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