Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Review
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Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Review and Features Comparison with Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

BitDefender was always there at the top in the list of high-end internet security solutions. It provides the users with the best technology to discover and eliminate all threats on their IT networks.
BitDefender Internet Security 2014 is another new release from the house of BitDefender, and is the updated and revised edition of their most acclaimed internet security suite - BitDefender Internet security 2013. This new version is packed with refined and advanced tools, required to detect, isolate and remediate the most advanced and persistent threats. We can consider it as an all in one internet security solution that can protect our volatile data from the attack of hackers, cyber criminals, identity thieves and spammers, and keep the computer safe that too without affecting its performance.
Watch new Bitdefender Photon™ in action
BitDefender Internet security 2014 includes antivirus, antispyware, firewall, privacy and parental control functions that ensure the protection against the latest malware attacks. With non-intrusive and extremely fast scanning, it can detect and lockout viruses, spam, worms, spywares, phishing mails and hackers. The enhanced firewall protection and parental control functions provide the user much more than just protection for their data rich virtual environment. It provides a complete proactive protection to your computer and prevents the children from reaching inappropriate websites.  BitDefender Internet Security 2014 uses live and virtualized behavior based detection to prevent the attack from emerging new generation e-threats while maintaining the blazing system performance.
BitDefender Internet Security 2014
BitDefender Internet Security 2014
Salient Features of BitDefender Internet Security 2014
This internet security suite is equipped with excellent features such as:

Fast and Non-intrusive:
BitDefender features the innovative Photon technology that can enable a lighting fast system scan and accelerate the speed by gradually adapting the PC.

Active Virus Control: It is a proactive and dynamic virus detection technology, which will monitor the behavior of all the processes in real-time, as they are running and detects unknown viruses by determining their suspicious activities.

Safepay: It is very useful while doing online transactions as it helps to keep the hackers away by automatically opening the banking pages in separate virtualized secure browser. The BitDefender isolates the browser from the operating system and provide a safe environment for the virtualized browser so that it is free from all web based threats. It can safeguard your online transactions and auto-fills your account information, making you more comfortable and confident.

Two way Firewall: This will protect your Wi-Fi from unauthorized access by strangers as it will be continuously monitoring the connection.

Safego: This function will safeguard your social networking and identity by scanning all the links you receive from others, and filtering social network specific threats before it can cause any harm. Also, it enables you to socialize or surf internet with confidence as your private information is protected from hackers.

AutoPilot:  It is a unique function in BitDefender, which offers a comfortable experience to the user by making important security related decisions automatically, without waiting for any input from the user.

Device anti-theft: BitDefender will enable you to lock, wipe down or even locate your stolen laptop from any internet connected devices.

Rescue Mode: To remove the threats that cannot be removed from within the Windows, the BitDefender will reboot the computer in Rescue mode and remove the threats easily. The Rescue mode is considered as trusted environment for cleanup and restoration.

Parental Control: BitDefender Internet security 2014 offers wonderful parental control features, by which we can block inappropriate websites, restrict web access and monitor the online activities of the children remotely.

What is new in BitDefender Internet Security 2014?

In BitDefender Internet security 2014, the developers have integrated many new and refined features compared to its previous versions to make it the most comprehensive and functional internet security solution available in the market. Some new features include

New Wallet: In the new version, BitDefender has included a full-fledged Wallet, which can store all the sensitive personal data securely. It also helps to save time by enabling an auto-filling option.

Improved Antispam:  By elevating the antispam technology to the cloud, BitDefender has achieved better detection rates, improved performance and very small foot print on the disc.

Security Report: The BitDefender generates a security report weekly, which enables the user to review the overall security status for each week and learn about the main issues and how to fix them. It also provides the information about the inactive features that could complete the protection.

Enhanced Parental Control: In the new version, the parental control function has been redesigned thoroughly to include coverage on all Windows environments. It also includes more details and options.

Pros and Cons

It is a complete Internet Security suite with all the desired features, and the autopilot features make it very comfortable to use as it does everything automatically without disturbing the user with queries and alerts. It offers excellent anti-phishing protection, spam filtering and password management. The enhanced parental control, secure browser and two-way firewall make it very effective tool for everyone. It is reasonably priced and will not affect the system performance whilst providing unmatched protection. Also, it scored high in lab tests and reviews.

Cons: The installation can be difficult in some systems heavily infected with malware and in the default firewall setting, some important protections are omitted.

Features comparison with Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

The Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the top notch security suites with all the advanced features to protect your computer from any threats. The new version comes with improved overall performance, refreshed interface and new measures to defeat zero-day attacks. Kaspersky has been continuously improving their security suite to make it more effective against the current hacking technology. This software offers real-time security as you surf the internet, download or open files and in the event of a threat, it will immediately inform you and provide quick solutions to identify and fix the problem. It is also very effective in defending hackers from locking your system with ransom ware.

Both BitDefender Internet Security 2014 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 offer all essential features to the user; however when they are compared in terms of performance, protection and repair abilities, BitDefender scores more points. Also, BitDefender is found to be more effective in detecting and defending viruses, spyware, Trojans and malwares. BitDefender Internet Security 2014 has an outstanding success rate in detecting new malicious codes and repairing severely infected computers. It will never affect the system performance, and with BitDefender, your computer will work securely and faster than ever before, making it the best choice.
Author: Paul Carry | 29.07.2013
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