best antivirus software 2013 review
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Best antivirus software 2013 review - top 5

The competing industry of antivirus software has been growing exponentially in the past few years. As the number of participants rises, so too does the frequency of exclusive features, consumer incentives, and various other proprietary gimmicks of both style and substance designed to stand out in a full market. 2013 has already seen an influx of new and established brands emerging with their latest and greatest: AVG, avast!, Norton, Bitdefender, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus software have all released their newest packages and have set the consumer playing field for a compare and contrast between the best software and services available today.
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The Flaws

Every one of 2013's antivirus contenders are upgrades from the years before, and as such, the majority of the contrasts between software packages typically come down to the flaws in each system to distinguish which software is right for which consumer. avast!'s latest free antivirus software for 2013 instantly edges out its competitors by offering itself as a free open source alternative to the pricy package of other name brands, but comes at the cost of another figurative price. This involves below average malware blocking capabilities, long boot times, and a 'web reputation' feature that's too exploitable to be totally reliable. AVG's 2013 software performs more reliably than most, but advancements in communication through email and live chat features have eliminated the ability for consumers to contact the company by telephone.

Norton AntiVirus, a popular compendium to many Windows personal computers, released their 2013 package with additional antivirus security aimed at social networks. However, it requires sometimes tedious upgrades in order to stay up to date against current phishing dangers. Bitdefender produces a series of excellent stats not only protecting users against Twitter and Facebook intrusions, but secure financial transactions, top of the line phishing and malware protection, and a unique reboot mode that's automated into the system itself and does not require laborious CD burning. However, the length of time it takes Bitdefender's 2013 package to clean up compromised systems is extensive and occasionally results in some minimal peripheral damage to the operating system itself.

Kaspersky's Anti-Virus 2013 stands out from the pack with enhanced antivirus protection that can detect new threats from developing viruses, malware, and phishing dangers at a reported 100% success rate, but is the costliest of the 2013 antivirus packages. While none of these flaws compromise the integrity of the software, they are key factors in determining which antivirus package is strong where a user needs it to be and if it is exploitable in areas that a user might not need much coverage in to begin with.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 (read review)

At $59.95, one of the first things someone may notice about Kaspersky is the heavy price tag. While it is the most costly antivirus software on this list, the software includes some bonus features not available on lower priced packages, such as a license that allows up to three users to utilize the protection service: a helpful and worthwhile addition for family households. Kaspersky is capable of protecting users from Trojans, rootkits, spyware, viruses, bots, and worms, and it is widely considered one of the top anti-virus software options currently available. The service is designed to keep track of the newest threats before they break and protect operating systems through prevention-oriented actions.
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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 (read review)

Bitdefender's newest package hasn't changed much in style, and it remains an accessible antivirus software with an easy interface. It allows users to utilize an autopilot mode to cover the majority of security problems that could present themselves on an operating system. Bitdefender Plus 2013 has already amassed an excellent reputation for defending computers against malware or subsequently cleaning up malware infestations. It has performed well in a variety of professional and independent security tests. However, the thoroughness with which Bitdefender cleans infected computers has been sometimes observed to damage certain parts of the operating system. The software is set at a price of $39.95.
AVG Premium Security 2013
AVG Anti-Virus 2013 (read review)

AVG has been in the antivirus software market for over a decade, and their time spent in the trenches has turned out a reputable and trusted company offering coverage to not just the United States, but also Europe and areas of the UK. AVG offers several layers of protection in order to encourage an impenetrable system. This includes a spyware and adware defender that both work within the AVG Resident Shield, which is designed to prevent users from accidentally opening compromised files. They are reportedly one of the best independent security institutes in the industry, and their latest package is available for only $39.99. There are very few antivirus products on the market that can offer the performance of AVG, notwithstanding their exclusion of a reachable telephone line for concerned customers.
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Norton AntiVirus 2013 (read review)

Symantec's Norton AntiVirus is one of the more prominent antivirus packages on the market. It performs well for a streamlined program designed to be accessible, functional, and reliable. The 2013 release protects users against spyware, bots, worms, and viruses. There is one drawback, however: like avast!, Norton users will have to upgrade their antivirus package to Norton Internet Security in order to enjoy the full range of protection. Additionally, Norton AntiVirus 2013 is not the cheapest package on the market at $49.99.
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avast! Free Antivirus 8 (read review)

The latest avast! open source antivirus protection comes with several upgrades from the older model, including market pages, automated sandboxing functions and readily available upgrades. Customers can pay around ten dollars for a supercharged version. The program's quick boot time is essential to its protection plan, and it activates so quickly that any malware infecting your computer typically doesn't have the time to launch itself in a counterattack. The new 'web reputation' system allows users to get a quick summary of an unknown website's reputation based on the experiences of users who have visited it in the past.
The Price Is Right

Users looking for a basic and fundamental level of protection will find their needs met by every single antivirus software on this list. These antivirus products are compatible with all major operating systems and debut themselves as the latest additions in tested, reputable brand names. Users will value each package differently depending on their needs. Choosing the right software means matching your security needs to the unique variants offered by antivirus products. Also check the best Internet Security 2013 Suite review.
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