Norton Antivirus 2013 vs 2012 Review
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Norton Antivirus 2013 vs 2012 Review

Norton Antivirus is designed to provide protection against malicious software which if left unchecked, causes disruptions to the optimal functioning of the computer. This is in addition to enabling third parties to gain access to delicate information and computer systems. This malicious software includes viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, adware, and so on. Norton Antivirus is highly effective in identifying viruses, because it uses both the signature and heuristic methods. While the signature method is effective for identifying known viruses, the heuristic method is best suited for detecting new viruses, as well as new variations of already existing malware. With antivirus software only working effectively if it is constantly updated, the Norton Antivirus 2013 incorporates features that make it a worthwhile upgrade from the 2012 version.


- Norton Antivirus 2013 completely deletes all deadly viruses from the computer, including those that are hidden.
- It detects and eliminates tracking cookies that track ones use of the internet and particularly, the advertisements that one clicks on. This information is then often used to send the user related advertisements.
- The installation process is fast and easy.
- Norton Antivirus 2013 has an easily navigable interface.
- It effectively blocks any downloads that may be threatening to the computer.
- With the 2013 version of the Norton Antivirus, the computer is also safe while browsing social networks.
- Provides round-the-clock customer support for all clients.
- It has multiple layers which stop attacks on any weaknesses within the system.
- To increase efficiency, the antivirus only scans files and folders that pose a danger to the system.
- No restart is necessary during the installation process and as such, workflow continues uninterrupted.
Norton Antivirus 2013 protection settings
Norton Antivirus 2013 protection settings

- The license is somewhat pricey.
- It has been found to take a long time during scans.
- The antivirus does not have a firewall.
- If the computer had already been infected with viruses prior to the installation of the antivirus, it may not have the ability to eliminate all the malware.
Norton Antivirus 2013 tasks
Norton Antivirus 2013 tasks

One of the main differences between the Norton Antivirus 2012 and the 2013 version is that the latter version has been designed to be lean and mean. Consequently, the installation process only incorporates a few essential options for configuration. Besides this, the upgraded interface is optimized to function efficiently both on touch screens and Windows 8.

Another great new feature is Scam Insight. This works by providing warning when the user is about to access a website that could potentially pose risk to their system. While this feature can be over-ridden, it helps to keep users aware of potential risk and provide them with options. Norton Antivirus 2013 also keeps track of IP addresses in order to detect whether threats are repeatedly coming from the same source. Norton Safeweb for Facebook is another revolutionary feature which works together with the Norton Intrusion Prevention System, to protect ones system from link jacking. Moreover, Norton Antivirus 2013 provides the option of scanning ones Facebook wall for malicious links, in addition to the quick scan, custom scan and full system scan options.
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