AVG Anti-Virus 2013 vs 2012 Review
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AVG Internet Security 2013
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AVG Antivirus 2013 vs 2012 Review

AVG Anti-Virus Guard is developed by AVG Technologies. This family of anti-virus Internet security software is accessible on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX systems. Below we will discuss the differences between AVG's 2013 and 2012 Anti-Virus software.

AVG Anti-Virus Software 2012

The 2012 edition of AVG's Anti-Virus software was released in 2011. This software was PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for free anti-virus software. The pros and cons of this particular software is listed below.

Pros of Anti-Virus 2012

- One of the biggest reasons this software is so popular is because it is free.
- According to users, it is extremely effective at detecting malware. In fact, many experts state that this version of AVG has the same detection abilities as paid software programs.
- Scans with this software can be done extremely quickly.
- The software provides a variety of protection including anti-phishing, anti-spam, and basic social media protection.
- Certified by ISCA Labs and West Coast Labs.
avg box
AVG Antivirus 2013 main window
AVG Antivirus 2013 main window
Cons of Anti-Virus 2012

- The biggest complaint this software receives is that it contains annoying ads for paid software.
- When compared to other anti-virus software, the anti-spam and anti-phishing capabilities of this software are not as effective as more premium options.
- AVG Anti-Virus can cause a PC to boot very slowly.
- The interface of the software is very cluttered, and it gives users a confusing and unattractive interface.

AVG Anti-Virus Software 2013

The updated 2013 version of AVG Anti-Virus software has obtained several improvements over its predecessors. While including all of the pros of the 2012 edition, the 2013 AVG Anti-Virus software also includes:

- Email Security

AVG 2013 Anti-Virus software examines all incoming email messages. During the examination, the software looks for viruses and email hackers. This new capability allows the software to help detect identify theft.

- Do Not Track

The software contains a high-tech do not track feature, which allows users to browse the Internet privately with confidence.

- AVG WiFi Guard

This feature is especially beneficial if users often use a public WiFi connection. In fact, this detection can inform users whenever they are in contact with a WiFi stream.

- Analyze in PC Mode

With this option, users can scan their entire system including junk files, fragmentation errors, registry errors, and invalid shortcuts safely.

Other Options that are Available Through AVG Anti-Virus Software

In addition to the benefits listed above, AVG Anti-Virus software has a variety of other options including:

- AVG Resident Shield
- AVG On-Demand Scanner
- Virus Database Updates
- AVG Virus Vault
- Updated PC Compatibility

According to experts, AVG Anti-Virus software is one of the best free anti-virus software available. In fact, these same experts state that AVG Anti-Virus is on the same level as many paid antivirus software programs. In addition to all the features of the free program, AVG also has a paid version available as well. In the paid version of AVG 2013 Anti-Virus software, there are no annoying ads that users of AVG often complain about. Overall, AVG Anti-Virus Software is highly recommended by many experts, and can protect against many viruses and other Internet attacks.
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