Avast Antivirus 8 Review
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Avast Internet Security 8
Avast Antivirus 8 Review and Comparison with version 7

Avast has excellent reviews and ratings from various users and critics online, and it has been acclaimed by leading authorities in the Internet security software industry. With more than 165 million active users, it offers some of the best antivirus software packages that include free and premium versions. Avast Antivirus Version 7 proves to be a powerful tool for protecting computers against malicious programs and harmful attacks. Similarly, Version 8 is a superior application with added features and functionalities. Let's take a look at a comparison between these two leading antivirus software.
Avast Antivirus 8 screenshots
Avast Antivirus Version 7

Avast Antivirus 7 offers sufficient protection for the average user who surfs the web and checks emails regularly. Based on independent tests, the level of protection of Avast shows to be on par with standalone commercial software on the market. Read review of the top 5 antivirus software 2013.


According to the aggregate ratings of editors and users on CNET, Avast Antivirus 7 garners a high rating of 4.5/5. The free version is one of the most downloaded programs on the site. Avast has an impressive detection and cleanup performance. The AV-Test report reveals that Avast scores the same and even beats some of the renowned commercial antivirus software. Avast 7 was able to detect all of the 5,000 malware samples in the test.

PCMag.com gave the software a perfect 10/10 score for rootkit and scareware blocking. Avast also performed exceptionally in blocking suspicious downloads and running a full system scan. There's a low risk of freezing the system due to low usage of system resources.


Avast Antivirus 7 is a full-featured package with top anti-spyware and antivirus scanning engines. Version 7 offers virtualization technology, web-reputation browser extension and various updates on its stability and security features. Here are the major features of this version:

- Hybrid Update Technology - This technology helps push out quick, real-time updates and full database updates
- File Reputation System - The system is used to evaluate downloads, and it is offered in paid security programs like Kaspersky and Norton. However, Avast is the first to offer this feature in a free version. It assists in leveraging community data from the large user base of Avast in order to assess if a file is safe for downloading
- Web Reputation Browser Add-On for Safari - This site safety evaluation tool has been made available in Safari. Additionally, it's now capable of evaluating fake certificates which had been pesky problems for users in the past years
- Built-In Remote Assistance

Avast 7 users can remotely connect with each other and offer suggestions and advice, thus facilitating the process of solving technical problems

- AutoSandbox

This wards off suspicious programs automatically and places them in a virtualized state. Through this, the software can prevent threats from causing potential damages to your computer while the programs are still allowed to run. The sandbox tracks any files that are created or opened. You can set it to decide automatically, or you can also opt to deactivate it

- Restore Factory Settings Option in the Troubleshooting Section

With this added feature, it becomes faster to revert settings back to a certain starting point

- SafeZone

SafeZone now asks you by default whether you're going to do a financial transaction on your browser or if you want to turn on the SafeZone mode
- Clean User Interface

The UI of Avast 7 illustrates uncluttered, utilitarian concepts. The summary tab shows updated information on the program version, virus definitions, auto-updates, shield status and gaming mode.


The major drawback of Avast Antivirus 7 is that the boot-time scan usually fails to complete without user interaction. Scanning may also take awhile ranging from half an hour to a couple of hours.

Overall, Avast Antivirus Version 7 is a splendid antivirus program. The free version is best recommended for average web browsers, although for heavy users who use their PC for work purposes, a premium Avast security suite would offer a more proactive protection against common threats.
Avast 8 Antivirus main window
Avast 8 Antivirus main window
Avast Antivirus Version 8

Avast Antivirus 8 is the latest security package of the company that comes with a new interface and several improvements. The premium version has all the features of the Internet Security suite except the antispam and firewall features. Avast 8 is also optimized for Windows 8.


Avast Pro Antivirus 8 did well in the usability tests conducted by AV-Test, although it didn't perform excellently in the performance tests. It was able to identify good and bad files consistently, repair infected computers and protect from threats. Avast antivirus software scans a computer during boot time before lurking viruses activate, hence efficiently detecting viruses.


Avast Antivirus 8 is loaded with new updates and improvements. It offers full protection with its eight different "shields" that cover everything from malicious downloads to suspicious sites, infected files and any other infections that you may obtain over email, P2P and IM. Here are the various features of this version:

- Optimized for Windows 8 Touch Screen

Avast 8 has been simplified for convenient use on any touch-based Windows 8 device

- The Market

This is a new feature wherein you can buy extra features and services directly within the app. You'll be reminded of which features are missing in your software so you'll know which ones to upgrade

- Improved Hybrid Cloud Technologies

The major features of the previous version have been significantly improved. These include the file reputation systems, real-time updates of the virus database, and the antivirus and anti-spyware engines which now have a new algorithm capable of processing recent virus data in milliseconds. Web Reputation has also been improved as it effectively allows more than 165 million Avast users to rate web pages and provide a general opinion on websites

- Software Updater

This new feature shows an overview of outdated applications and software

- Improved Behavior Shield

It has been updated with greater precision in detecting malicious scripts and preventing infection

- Browser Cleanup

This removes unwanted and obtrusive plug-ins and toolbars
- Easy-to-use User Interface

The new interface is compact, clean and easy to use. It also has customizable features

- Better Remote Assistance

There's no need to dial the phone to ask for help as you can connect remotely with fellow antivirus users to seek suggestions and helpful advices about any problem encountered while using the antivirus software

- Improved Sandbox and Silent Firewall

Sandbox now provides added security as you run an application in a virtual space. Shopping online, banking and other sensitive activities are made safer with this feature.


Same as the version 7, Avast Antivirus 8 also requires input from the user while scanning during boot-up. The constant reminders of missing features that needed to be upgraded in the Market may also seem obtrusive.

On the whole, Avast Antivirus Version 8 is well capable of preventing malware infections at most times. It can repair infected computers and protect you from threats while engaging in sensitive online transactions. The improved remote access is useful in finding someone who can help you with PC problems.

For more security options take a look at Avast Internet Security 8.
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