Avast Internet Security 7 Review
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Avast Internet Security 7
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Avast Internet Security 7 Review

Viruses are malware that can result in computers failing to operate at optimal level. The main avenue which they enter computers is the Internet, while one is downloading files. Since this cannot be avoided, there has been need to consistently update Internet security software. Avast Internet Security 7 is one such revolutionary software that was released in 2012.

Merits of Avast Internet Security

- This software incorporates full antivirus, antispam, firewall and anti-malware protection
- With Avast Internet Security 7, one can conduct financial and other sensitive transactions online, in a secure window without worry of hackers
- Real-time protection is provided by consistently updating the computer system
- The software offers comprehensive options during the installation process
- The interface is uncluttered, engaging and easy to navigate
- This security software has an efficient spam filter which works simply yet accurately
- The Avast Internet Security 7 firewall eliminates pop-ups effectively
- The revolutionary Sandbox quarantines unknown programs into a virtual space where it is impossible for them to cause harm to the rest of the system
- The installation process is relatively fast, and it is effectively completed without requiring the computer to be restarted.
Avast Internet Security 7 boot time scan settings
Avast Internet Security 7 boot time scan settings
Demerits of Avast Internet Security

- This software does not offer parental controls as a security feature. It is therefore not ideal for a computer which is likely to be used by children
- With Avast Internet Security 7, it is not possible to create unique user profiles
- Comprehensive scans take a relatively long time
- It can be pricey if multiple keys need to be purchased.

The Seven Main Categories of Avast Internet Security 7

With Avast Internet Security 7, the main categories are displayed on the main page in order to ease navigation. The first category is the Summary, which provides information on whether or not the computer is protected. Cloud Services represent a sub-category under the summary, and displays how the servers at Avast are working to protect your computer. Another sub-category under this feature is Statistics. This is where information is displayed, on how the Internet security software has been working against threats to the system. The second tab houses the Scan Feature, which incorporates four types of scans. These are: Quick Scan, Removable Media Scan for External Drives, Full System Scan, Scan Selected Folders, as well as a Boot-Time Scan.

The Real-Time Shields category encompasses all the shields that assist in protecting the system against malware. Every shield has button for advanced settings, in addition to a graphical depiction of its history. The Firewall section allows the user to adjust the software settings and personalize it. This is important because some applications require one to enable their firewall in order to accept them. Otherwise, they are blocked.

The Additional Protection category has features that have not been included among Real-Time Shields. These include Auto Sandbox, Antispam, Browser Protection, SafeZone, Remote Assistance, in addition to Site Blocking. The Maintenance tab allows the user to monitor their Internet security subscription and consequently run any necessary updates. Finally, the Market section enables one to purchase any necessary add-ons.
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