Top 5 Video Converters 2013 Review
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pinnacle studio 16 ultimate
Top 5 Video Converters 2013 Review

Almost anyone who has played around with media on the internet has found a use for a video converter program. There are some programs on the internet that stand above the rest and many of which are inexpensive if not free to use. Finding the right one that will do everything you need it to should be easy. There are literally thousands of programs for video conversion on the internet. But here is a list of the top 5 and what each program will do for you.
AVS4YOU Unlimited Subscription
AVS4YOU Unlimited Subscription (read review)

AVS4You is one of the most comprehensive editing software that has come out lately. The AVS4You software will allow you to do so much more than what you have ever been able to. You can burn, rip, create and edit any media, video or audio file.

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AVS video converter program will allow you to change the format of any media file. This will allow you to be able to burn any type of media file to a DVD. It will also allow you to create some beautiful DVD slide shows.

The AVS software has joined all three editing tools into one convenient application. Bringing audio, video and imaging tools into one convenient tool to use all at one time. Making AVS a popular among editing software in today's technology world.

AVS allows you to do all editing you need in one convenient place. They have set their pricing by subscription for either 1 year or a lifetime service. Both subscriptions offer the same excellent software for any type of media project you have.
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate (read review)

Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate has been ranked #1 by many top users. Their video converter software program has been shown to be very user friendly. The Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate software program can be used on all your computers. Whether they are a desktop, laptop or iPad. The program can be adapted to everything you need to use it on.

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This upgraded program will allow you to produce things in either HD or 3D stereoscopic productions. Making the movie process even easier to do. The advance software allows you to edit any type of media file to produce the perfect project for your presentation. You can use the picture in picture feature and multi-layer effects into any HD or 3D project.

The Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate program even has the capability of connecting with cloud services. So you can literally add anything from anywhere to your project. Being able to get access to cloud services will allow you to work from anywhere you need to. So you do not have to sit in an office all day long or be stuck at home on the desk top. This will help you to increase you productivity and allow you to relax more when you are working.
CyberLink Power DVD 13 Ultra (read review)

If you like to produce blue ray media, then this is the perfect software for you. The new CyberLink Power DVD 13 Ultra software has incorporated the blue ray into its program. This has opened up all types of avenues for anyone who likes to use visual media in their presentation.

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regular price: $124.93 | discounted $85.45)
This program is perfect for either the home movie maker or the professional producer who sells DVD memories. The software has all the latest editing tools and loads of new graphics for that realistic feeling.

The Power DVD 13 program will also allow you to upgrade any of your movies files to be able to watch them on Windows 8. It also has all the knowledge of the Dolby sound technology to make everything sound like you are right at the theaters.

An important new feature for the Power DVD 13 is the ability to be used on your iPad and the accessibility to social media networks. You can create any type of video and immediately up load it to YouTube, Facebook or twitter with the touch of a button. Broadening the horizons of many youngsters looking for a creative out source.

Power DVD 13 produces high quality HD and 3D stereoscopic pictures, which all your friends will think are done by a professional. The color and clarity of your work will be able to be seen by anyone you show it to.
VSO Convert X to DVD
VSO Convert X to DVD (read review)

The VSO Convert X to DVD is an oldie but a goody program. It has been around for some time now and is trust by several professionals who put your world to life on a DVD. The first Convert X to DVD program was released in October 2006 and has improved ever since. The newest version that was released in November 2012 brings the ease of editing to the tip of your fingers. Providing you with all the latest technology to make the best movies you could ever think of.
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The easy to use and understand software is a big plus for an already incredible program. It will allow you to use either PAL or NTSC format in HD or 3D setting. You can burn any type of file on a movie DVD to watch in your home DVD player.

The upgraded Convert X program allows you to create high quality videos with music. The software has integrated a video player that will allow you to have a live preview. This will help you to edit your show properly.

The reasonable price is what draws many people to try the software. It can be downloaded, bought in CD form or rented at a reasonable price. They also offer a free download to try it out.
Sound Taxi Media Suite
Sound Taxi Media Suite (read review)

Sound Taxi Media Suite is a great program for anyone who is starting out. The easy to understand software will help you convert any type of audio or video file to an accepted file for burning.

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regular price: $59.99 | discounted $41.99)
Sound Taxi also allows you to download music from your iPhone or iPad to burn on a cd. With the use of the rip tiger program you can download video and watch it at the same time. You also have the option of the one step convert and burn feature. Making it simple and easy to convert any file program and burn it in a shorter time frame.

The Sound Taxi Media Suite is reasonable priced for everyone to enjoy.
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