VSO Convert X to DVD Review
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VSO Convert X to DVD 5 vs version 4 Review

Watching movies from your PC can be strenuous at times as the monitor is normally small compared to the one of your television. If you need to solve the problem of straining and ensure that you watch your movies and enjoy them, then you might want to consider having a VSO convert x to DVD 5 or even the version 4 that will help convert your movies to a DVD.

This article will take you through the pros and cons of VSO version 5 and show you how this latest model of file converter happens to be a better model when it is compared to version 4.


The new converter is the latest model of this converter that has been released in the market and it happens to be very simple to use. Compared to version 4 which is a little complex to use, the designers sat down and tried to come up with something that will offer service while promoting simplicity on operation to its users, thus the existence of VSO converter dvd 5.
VSO Convert X to DVD 5 interface
VSO Convert X to DVD 5 interface
Output Quality

The software output quality is one of the best compared to what version 4 could do.  Conversion of files from one format to another using this latest model ensures that there are no hiccups as the quality is a desirable one. Though version 4 can produce quality, this latest model has overshadowed it as its quality is more than the quality users used to get when using version 4 for file conversions.


Contrary to version 4, VSO Converter 5 offers its users multiple formats that they can convert their files into. With this new convertor, you can convert formats like MPEG, MKV, OGM, Quick Time, WMV, AVI and YouTube. As for Version 4 one is limited to a number of formats.


It offers users with very many options for customizing their DVDs. Unlike the VSO Convert to DVD version 4, users are presented with templates which are ready made for them. The soft has a subtitle editor that is highly customizable offering support to all the major formats. Formats like SSA, SRT and even SUB/ID.

File Merging

The VSO Convert x to DVD 5 has a more advanced file merging possibilities compared to version 4. This new model of file conversion has been molded to ensure that applications like file merging, video resizing and video cropping are all met in this one incredible convertor.

Customization Options

Customization options is one of the cons of version 5. Irrespective of the fact that this model is user friendly customization of files tends to become a little difficult as the customization options have been integrated into the converter’s interface. The designers of this new model have failed when it comes to customization options. They should have at least made it easier for the user to use by having the customization options in a separate window instead of having them all in the tree view.


When it comes to conversion, VSO Convert x to DVD 5 can be a disappointment at times as it may take a while to convert a file. This new model does not have high converting speeds compared to version 4. Version 4 is known to be fast when it comes to converting files from one format to the other as it has a quality encoder that supports Multi-Core processors. When converting a file for instance one movie using version 4, it can consume an hour or less.
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