SoundTaxi Media Suite Review
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A Comprehensive Review of the SoundTaxi Media Suite with pros/cons and comparison with Aimersoft

The transition from analogue to digital has revolutionized the way the world enjoyed music and videos. Now, the evolution of modern gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, media players, opened a wide new world of entertainment on the go. However, sometimes you may be disappointed to see that, your gadget is unable to play your most favorite song or video you have just collected. This is due to a big flaw in digital world, the enormous number of file formats and their incompatibility with each other. Your gadgets can play different formats, but to play all known formats will be challenging. So, to use all the files formats, you may require multiple devices, which is not practical.

Now, in such a situation, there is no need to be disappointed, as you can enjoy all your favorite media files, by converting them into a format that your gadget supports. SoundTaxi Media Suite is one of such software, which can convert all known formats into any other. It is not just a converter, but it is a bunch of software with unmatched features and functionalities required by the modern day AV buffs. Check top 5 video converters 2013 review.
SoundTaxi Media Suite interface
SoundTaxi Media Suite interface
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The features of SoundTaxi Media Suite:

- It contains all the six media software, essential for any  AV enthusiasts, such as SoundTaxi Media Converter, RipTiger, TuneGet, GetRadio, 1Step DVD Copy and Disc Burner. It is a cost effective solution to all your requirements as you don’t need to buy these software’s separately.

- The SoundTaxi media converter is very easy to use, and can convert various music and movie files into formats that are compatible with various gadgets like iPod or other media players, with a few mouse clicks.

- It can unprotect the DRM protected files so that it can be played without copyright infringement. 1 Step DVD copy in the SoundTaxi media suit ensures hassle free ripping and copying of DVD to your PC or gadgets. It can compress the file size to just 10% of the original without losing quality, thereby saving a lot of storage space in your discs.

- The RipTiger is very useful for those who usually download videos for iPod, Mobiles, and any other portable devices, as it can help to download and convert the flash files into the formats friendly with these devices. In addition to these, it helps you to customize the quality features such as, sampling rate and frame rate etc.

- TuneGet will open an unbelievably large music database and offer you a lightning fast search and download.

- GetRadio is another wonderful application in the SoundTaxi media suit, to listen and record the music from over 25,000 internet radio stations. It also features an automatic recording feature and helps you to manage and sort stations with ease.

- It is very easy to install, and the user friendly menus provide utmost ease and flexibility. Also, the developers offer a life time free technical support to the users.

Cons of SoundTaxi Media Suite:

- It is not as fast as expected. Contradictory to the claims of the developers, it is not the fastest converter.

- It is difficult to find any tutorials for the applications in the SoundTaxi, thereby making it confusing for those who do not have technical backgrounds, at the first stance.

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is another software pack that offers almost all the features and functions of the SoundTaxi Media suite. When comparing these two, we can find that the SoundTaxi scores more. The Aimersoft Video Converter is more dedicated to video and lacks functions such as, TuneGet, which is considered as one of the most admired utility by music lovers. The iBackuper is an awesome tool dedicated to the iPod or iPhone users, which can help them to create and restore, all the files in their Apple gadgets, in no time, and this feature is found only in SoundTaxi Media Suite.

The SoundTaxi Media suite is one of the most elaborated and multifunctional AV suite available in the market today. The developers offer free updates and if you buy it for once, this product will make you free from any worries regarding the compatibility issue of your gadget for the rest of your life.
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