Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Review
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pinnacle studio 16 ultimate
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate vs version 15 Comparison Review

Pinnacle studio is an industry leader when it comes to advanced video editing. This application is so user friendly that even the novice video maker can understand its features, yet its also feature rich enough to please even the most seasoned professional. Although both version 15 and 16 work similarly and offer many video editing menus and burning options, there are a few differences between the two.
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate main window
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate user interface
Pinnacle Studio 15

15 was the last version made by Avid Technology. It includes 1800 different effects, an effects toolbar to create layered animations and transitions that include 2D and 3D effects. The SmartMovie feature allows any user to edit videos and fit music across the length of the content. Once the editing is complete the user has the option to export the finished product to DV, HDV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, QuickTime, WAV, PSP, Microsoft Xbox or Nintendo Wii format. However, the most impressive feature of the 2011 Pinnacle Studio was the Red Giant Plug-in, a feature that gives the same video enhancement features as those seein in Hollywood movies, including light lens flares and ToonIt options that can turn video into animation.

Pinnacle Studio 16

After purchasing the Pinnacle Systems from Avid, Corel released the new Studio 16, an application with even more applications than the prior version. This new version includes lots of help tools, tooltips and a 2 hour instructional video. The application is available in three price ranges:

Pinnacle Studio 16 - allowing you to edit three videos and three audio tracks with a cost of $60
Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus - osting $100 and allowing you to edit up to 12 videos.
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate - giving you unlimited number of tracks.

All versions support Blu-ray disk, 3D file support, Dolby 5.1-channel audio and keyframing. They also have updated interesting features such as:

- A new Interface
- GPU acceleration - that allows you to output the project to different file formats more efficiently.
- A scan feature that reviews Watched folders to look for usable assets
- A direct to YouTube and Facebook upload
- 3D video editing
- Green sheet for changing backgrounds

The Verdict

Perhaps, because the latest was released so quickly after the Corel acquisition, many of the new features still have the exact look of the Avid version of Pinnacle 15. There are also a few slight bugs to the new features. For instance, Pinnacle has a hard time understanding the login feature of Facebook and requires a manual sign in. It has a few issues when trying to open .MOV files. If you do get Pinnacle 16 be sure to get the new updates which fix a lot of the issues.

Many users feel that many of these features are only slight upgrades to the prior version. The look of the application is much like Pinnacle 15. The one feature users seem to be pleased the most with is the 3D editing effects, but other than this, many feel it is only slightly different than the prior Studio Pinnacle 15.
Version 16
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