Cyberlink Power DVD 13 vs 12 comparison
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Cyberlink Power DVD: Version 13 vs Version 12 Comparison Review

Watching movies has now become fun thanks to Cyberlink Power DVD products. These products can work with different types of computers, operating systems and also other devices with optical drives. Since Cyberlink Power DVD products can be installed in many devices, they have surpassed other similar products in the market to become the most popular playback product today.

Cyber link Power DVD 13

Released into the PC world on April 2, 2013, Cyber link Power DVD 13 has been installed by many PC users. It contains 3 versions which are Standard, Ultra and Deluxe. This is the newest version in the market which is compatible with most of the digital devices in the market. An interesting feature of this product is that it allows conversion of videos (far beyond Blu-Ray quality). It also comes with exceptional color systems and advanced lighting technology which improves viewing of Blu-Ray and HD movies. The Cyberlink Power DVD 13 can support any video, files, photo, music, audio format available in the market. Check video converters 2013 review.
CyberLink Power DVD 13 screenshot
CyberLink Power DVD 13 screenshot
cyberlink powerdvd 13 discount

- Contains play back options which are customized to the specific user

- The installation process is easy enough for all computer amateurs who love enjoying movies on their computers

- Once installed, Cyberlink Power DVD 13 immediately creates ‘My Videos’ and ‘My Pictures’ folders in the computer which allows proper organization and arrangement of all media files on the computer.

- The products also provides summaries, updates and any details on movies or other media files on the computer leaving you updated on your favorite films.

- The start up process of playing a movie with this product is faster compared to most playback products in the market which has increased its popularity.

- The product can also be used on tablets and many digital devices in the market today.


- If you need to play 3D videos, you need extra hardware integrated into the CyberLink PowerDVD 13 product which may be costly.

CyberLink PowerDVD 12

This product was released into the PC Market on January 31, 2012. It can be used in the 3 available versions, Ultra, Standard and Pro. One of the features of CyberLink Power DVD 12 includes the surround sound system and also the expanded use of the product on mobiles with the PowerDVD Mobile. It can also be used on Android operating systems especially on mobile devices. With this product, users can easily convert videos or photos from 2D format to 3D format.

The product is compatible with Windows 8 and contains a remote control function where PC users can use iPads, Android devices or iPhones into remote controls. It also provides ease access into Social Media content such as You Tube or Facebook.


- Easy conversion of 2D files into 3D format

- Can work on PC’s and mobile devices such as Android devices, iPads and iPhones.

- Contains a surround sound feature which improves the movie watching experience for all PC users

- Easy installation process with user friendly interface for easy navigation especially for amateur users.


- Compared to CyberLink PowerDVD 13 version, the start up and installation processes are quite slow.
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