Data Recovery Software 2013 Review
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Data Recovery Software 2013 Review

Vital company files missing? Precious photos gone? If you have lost data on your computer, they are not gone forever. You can still restore them with the help of a powerful data recovery software. These programs can successfully retrieve files deleted from your computer or other devices. Here are some of the top software that you can choose from. They have their own pros and cons. This review will help you decide which of these programs is best for you.

Migo Digital Rescue Premium (read review)
Migo Digital Rescue Premium interface
This software is used for recovering accidentally deleted videos, music, photos and documents on your computer, as well as on other storages like external hard drive, memory card and USB flash drive. It also allows restoring of deleted Turbo Tax and Outlook files including e-mail, addresses, notes, tasks, journal entries and calendars, which is not usually supported by other data recovery programs. Furthermore, it can recover deleted messages from various e-mail programs including those with attachments.

This program offers various scan options. Quick scan checks for the locations where deleted files are usually saved on your computer. Automatic scan instantly searches for deleted files on a specific storage so you donít have to do it manually. If you wish to do a thorough search of deleted files on your computer, its deep scan feature can recover even those that are difficult to find by other software. Searching for a specific file is also possible with its recovery by search option. It offers preview of the files found on the search, even those with image attachments. With this, you can determine the specific files you wish to restore before proceeding with the process. While it is possible to restore files one by one, it also allows batch recovery. This is convenient as it saves time and effort, especially if there are several files to restore. It has a tool for permanently deleting data. If there are files that you wish to remove permanently, this feature will let you do this so they cannot be recovered even by other recovery programs.

Though this software can effectively restore deleted files, it cannot recover those that were lost due to disk reformatting, virus infection or corruption. Migo Digital Rescue Premium is available at $49.99, but you can save $10 with 20% off coupon.

Recover My Files Data Recovery (read review)
Migo Digital Rescue Premium interface
Recover My Files Data Recovery interface
Recover My Files Data Recovery interface
This software is from GetData Software Development Company. It supports Windows 98 and up. This means that even those with older computers can use this program from retrieving their deleted files. Unlike Migo Digital Rescue Premium, it does not just offer restoration of accidentally deleted files but it also recovers files that were lost due to corruption, hard drive crash, reformatting or partition. It supports recovery of files on hard drives and external drives including USB flash drives and SD cards.

This program supports over 200 file types including Turbo Tax, Photoshop, AutoCad, PDF and Zip files. Whether you wish to restore photos, videos, documents or music, Recover My Files can efficiently find them for you. Preview the files found so you can decide which to restore. This will not overwrite files on your hard drive so you can be sure that your saved information is safe. However, it cannot restore files on unbootable computers as it does not come with a bootable disk. You can get this software for $69.95, save $17.5 with 25% off coupon.

Spotmau PowerSuite Golden 2012 (read review)
Spotmau PowerSuite Golden interface
Spotmau PowerSuite Golden interface
This is not just a recovery data program; this is a complete utility for repairing and optimizing your computer. The data recovery tool is just one of the many features that this powerful software offers. It can retrieve all kinds of files from your hard disk, external hard drive, digital camera, USB flash drives, mobile phones and other devices or storages attached on your computer. Whether your images, videos, documents or music were accidentally deleted or lost due to other reasons, it is still possible to get them back with this program. It comes with a bootable disk so you can use it even if you cannot access Windows.

Aside from recovering lost data, other tools it offers include lost password or key recovery, which you can use for restoring a forgotten MSN, Google or Windows Admin password. It also offers tools that will make your computer perform faster. Furthermore, it offers a tool to hide or password-protect important data on your computer that you do not wish others to see. This is an all-in-one computer utility that is helpful in keeping your PC in excellent condition. However, those who are not computer savvy may find it challenging to navigate on its user interface as it is not as user friendly as the other programs. Spotmau Powersuite Golden costs $69.95, save $14 with 20% off coupon.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software 6 (read review)
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software interface
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software interface
This is an effective and easy to use data recovery program. It offers a Windows-type layout when searching and restoring files so you will be immediately familiar with its interface. Restore almost 200 file types whether they were accidentally deleted, corrupted or lost due to reformatting, hard drive crash or partition error. It supports various devices and storages including internal and external hard drives, mobile device, digital camera and memory cards. It offers quick recovery for fast searching of deleted files.

However, if you wish to search deeper to find more files, it also offers other search options including raw recovery and advanced recovery. It has a built in preview, which lets you see the content of the file before restoring or saving it. Though it offers a bootable disk for retrieving data from a computer that does not boot, you may need to pay higher as this feature is not available on the Home version. The Home version costs $49.00, while Professional is $99.00 and Technician is $299.00. Furthermore, the file name on the search result may not be the same as the original file name of the deleted data, which may cause confusion. However, this is where the preview feature becomes more helpful. Check upto 50% off coupons on Stellar Data Recovery.

Disk Doctors Undelete (read review)
Disk Doctors Undelete interface
Disk Doctors Undelete interface
This software has a simple user interface making it easy but powerful to use. Scan for a certain drive or device or search for a specific file that is missing. It can locate lost images, documents, music and videos on your hard drive and other devices connected to your PC including USB flash drives, memory cards, digital camera and external hard drive. It can even retrieve files from emptied recycle bin. It also allows preview of the file before deciding to restore it or not. Furthermore, it offers saving of retrieved files to zip or burning them on a CD. However, it does not have a bootable disk that would let you recover files when Windows does not start. Disk Doctors can be purchased for $49, save $7.3 with 15% off coupon.
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