Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software Review
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Review of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 vs 5

One of the most frustrating aspects of working in the world of technology is hard drive maintenance, optimization and backup. After all, it's not a matter of 'if' your hard drive will crash but when. And you certainly want to be prepared, you want to create backups, and if possible recover your system from a crash. That's what Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can do for you. You may have the greatest pictures, data and information in the world on that computer of yours...but at some point, you are going to have to upgrade your drive, computer, or fix a failing drive. Check best data recovery 2013 review.
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 interface
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 6 interface
Recover Your Data from any Drive Device

Worse, let's say you are very careful and you consistently do backups, however your backup media goes bad; the DVD, CD, flash drive, external drive or whatever you use becomes corrupt.  That's when you really do want to just through out your computer and any other device that uses 'the greatest technology in the world.' But wait! There is a solution! Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can help backup and recover any files from any type of storage component.

What is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery?

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a recovery software packages that can handle the backup and recovery of any type of media, including: memory cards, optical discs, hard drives and more. Currently, there are two versions on the market: version 5 and version 6.  In both version 5 and version 6 there are three types, which come at different prices, the lowest being the home version made for the typical home computer user; followed by the Professional for small businesses and added special features that allow you to recover information from unbootable systems and bad sectors; then, the Technicians version with the added RAID recovery option.
Photo Recovery
Stellar Photo Recovery
While both version 5 and 6 work excessively well, there are still a few differences between the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery version 5 and version 6. Let's define what these differences are below:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Version 5

This recovery program works for all types of computer users, from the novice to the advanced user. Upon opening the program there are three embedded tabs, these are “Data Recovery, Recovery from Image and Advance." Each category has several options below them which helps further customize data recovery needs. This application works well at recovering the lost or deleted files, documents, databases, photos and more using the various tabs and links available in the applications upper toolbar.

Moreover, this software also offers a more complete data recovery by helping you find lost partitions where further data is exposed and can be recovered. Additionally, this software tool allows you to recover data from CDs or DVDs when they have been corrupted or have not been burned correctly.

In other words Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery offers a thorough scan of all components, partitions or other storage media, and then displays any lost information in a three panel view.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Version 6

The new Stellar Phoenix WDR 6 has a new aesthetically pleasing and colorful interface, one that is large and  very easy to use. The list of backups to choose from is also longer, and offers backup of e-mails, drives, storage devices, and for the more advanced user, RAID recovery for network backups, a  feature unavailable in version 5.

The only possible drawback for either of the stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery versions is that the interface only allows you to view six partitions at a time. This can be a little confusing  and  may need you to do a bit of scrolling, especially if you have more than this number of partitions. Even so, only expert users require such a larger number of partitions, and this type of user can easily identify the additional partitions by scrolling through the window.

Performance for the Stellar Phoenix WDR 6 is also quite adept. It does well at recovering data from SDHD cards, flash drives, CD and DVDs and at recovering different types of media such as.MOV's and other video formats. These recoveries are very quick and efficient, rarely taking more than 20 minutes, even for the most extensive data.

The Set Up
Setting up Stellar Phoenix WDR 6 is very straight forward. You simply follow the information that appears on the setup screen when you insert the program disk into your DVD/CD tray.

Once installed you'll get an interface screen with the types of recovery options you have, including the all new network RAID recovery option. You simply choose the option you need and follow the interface's visual instructions for the backup process you want.

Bottom Line
Both software programs offer excellent backup services. However, version 6 is the latest and most updated version of this backup software tool, and offers a few features unavailable in the prior version. These are especially interesting to IT or technicians who need a more extensive set of backup tools available to them.