The Best Backup Software 2013 Review
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Acronis True Image 2013 (read review)

Acronis true image 2013 is the latest product introduced by Acronis International. It is a fully featured product which can make all your data backed up in a cloud server where you can sync the data to another device from anywhere in the world. Acronis True Image 2014 has been released! Read review and get discount coupons here.

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The Best Backup Software 2013 Review and Comparison

The computer is an important asset for our day to day life. Since we do interact with the computer for our various requirements, we always try to do our best to keep it safe and secure. Specially the data protection is a criteria where we give full priority. The developers of trusted computer hardware and software developers also very much concern at this point and they do their best to give protection for the data. The windows 8 is the latest release of Microsoft and it has many built in features in respect of features as well as the data protection segment. So the user can be somewhat comfortable with these features than the earlier versions of operating systems.

However, it is always recommended to have a proper back of your system as well as your important data in order to avoid a catastrophic system failure. To do that, you can use some installable software such as Acronis True Image 2013, Norton Ghost 15, NovaBackup 14.5 Professional, Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 and Easeus Todo Backup Home 5. The above mentioned are only a very few well recognized and user friendly programs which help people to back up their important data. When looking at the history of these programs you may realize that all these programs are developed throughout the time and various new developments are being added. It is a very important point as the requirements of the users are different from time to time.

Anyway, it is always worth to spend some time on comparing these products before you select what is the best suitable product for your requirements.
Acronis True Image 2013
So it is a very good solution for the people who do concentrate a lot on mobility. Specially you donít need to worry about the time which you need to spend on creating backups as this system supports automatic backups with automatic sync technology. Therefore you can be connected to your data even through your mobile. So you have the utmost comfortability of using the latest technologies. Recently Acronis released a lite version of true image, here is our comparison review with the full version.
Norton Ghost 15
Norton Ghost 15 (read review)

The Norton ghost 15 is the latest released version of Symantec Corporation who has a golden name for security and data protection. With the proven track record of Symantec, they have proved that their credibility to the society with various types of applications.

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Also their products are easy to install and the user has the option to select the required product with various connected applications such as Antivirus, Antispam, personal firewall etc...So, if you are a person or an organization who concentrate on all in one security package with backups, Norton Ghost 15 is a comfortable solution for you. Check also Symantec Norton Internet Security 2013 Review.
NovaBackup 14.5 Professional
NovaBackup 14.5 Professional (read review)

The NovaBackup 14.5 Professional is another competitive product available in the industry. Though the name of this package is not much familiar like the two mentioned above, the NovaBackup 14.5 also capable of providing you with successive results for your PC backup requirements.

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Also, it comes with a free cloud storage of 2 GB which is really nice. Additionally, the price of the product is comfortable too.
Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12
Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 (read review)

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 is a product which you must have if you are really concerned about the security of data as well as the speed of your computer / laptop.

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The Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 is not just a backup tool and it comes with lots of many professional tools to organize your hard disk in a proper way. Specially cleaning up the bad sectors, damaged files, invalid registry entries and temp files can be done with few mouse clicks. Absolutely, easy to use and user friendly. So anyone can use it without being an expert of the software. Furthermore this program is 100% comfortable with windows 8 and you can get the maximum performance from windows 8 when you start using the same.
Easeus Todo Backup Home 5
Easeus Todo Backup Home 6 (read  review)

Easeus Todo Backup Home 6 is another competitive product available in the market when comes to system backups and recovery. With the latest update, it is now fully comfortable with windows 8 and new feature added by the developers.

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Also, they have released a free version of the program with limited functions to enable users to check the product before they pay and download the premium version. With all this improvement they try their best to expand the market share as it helps them move forward in this industry. When it comes to the user interface of Easeus Todo Backup Home 6, it is really easy and fast to navigate. Even a new user can create their most important files backed up in few mouse clicks and it is a very good advantage of the product.


The above mentioned are only an overview of the said applications and you may have to check the respective developerís website in order to get more information. Hope the overviews could help you to come to a conclusion what would be the preferred application for your PC / laptop and you can research further to gather more information to be satisfied 100%.

As a final note, you must make sure your systems are backed up properly as a periodical way to stay away from the hassle. So, it is better to practice to check on the above irrespective of the application which you have installed on your system. It will always make you comfortable with your life in this digital world and you will never be worried about your lost data as any way you can restore all your files in just a few mouse clicks. Finally, donít be late and start making a backup of your most vulnerable data today and one day you will realize the real value of it.
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