Acronis True Image 2014 Review
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Acronis True Image 2014 Review

Acronis is the most trusted name in home and office PC data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Acronis True Image 2013 was reviewed as the most versatile, functional and powerful backup tool. Now, Acronis have launched Acronis True Image 2014, an elaborate and revised version of their award winning software, True Image 2013. This new software includes all the essential tools to save you from the most unfortunate event of losing data due to hard disc crash, system errors, accidental deletions of critical files or any disasters beyond human control. It can recover and restore all your valuable data as it was there, before the disaster. Now, only Beta version of this software is released and is available for customer evaluation.
Acronis True Image 2014 an overview

Acronis True Image 2014 is a comprehensive software suit designed to deter all the issues related to stored information in your computer.  It can backup and restore all the data in computer including operating system, installed applications and settings. This software will enable you to store your file either in a local storage disc or on an online remote storage, and this will make it sure that your data remains always safe, even if your computer is destroyed or stolen.

This software provides the user, all the facilities to customize the backup procedure according to their requirements and it is possible to backup and restore particular drives, partitions or files independently. Also, the backup can be scheduled or set to nonstop mode and it will continuously save the changes at some preset intervals so as to enable the user to easily rollback to any point as required. This software offers some additional features for you to destroy your volatile data permanently from the discs.

Salient features of Acronis True Image

- Disc cloning: This is very useful function when you are upgrading your system with a larger capacity hard disc drive as it will help the user to make a clone of the disc by copying the partitions into the new disc. This will save a lot of time by eliminating the requirement to reinstall the OS and other applications in the new disc.

- Smart scheduling: A regular backing up of the system is very vital in the effectiveness of the backup tool and the scheduling feature will enable you to schedule automatic backups ahead of time, at convenient intervals.

- Full, Incremental and differential backups: The full backup is used to store all the data at the moment when a backup is created and it is considered as the base for further backups, incremental or differential. Incremental backup is used to save the changes made in the system since the last backup, whereas differential backup only includes the files that have been changed after the last full backup.

- Non-stop backup: this is a unique feature that will enable the user to restore the system into the state in which it was just a few minutes before the disaster. This is achieved by backing up the protected files in very short intervals. The daily backup data is retained for thirty days and the weekly backup is kept until the available storage space is almost consumed.

- Try and decide: This unique feature enables you to carryout various system operations without the fear of damaging operating system, applications or data, and it is especially useful when you attempt to visit a suspicious website or an email or its attachments. You can start the try mode and install any system updates or applications safely and in case of any undesired event, you can simply discard the changes you made, and restore the system as it was there before.

- Bootable standalone recovery: function enables the user to create a bootable ISO file which contains all the files to boot up and recover the system if the OS is corrupted and unable to boot.

Installing Acronis true image 2014 in your system

Acronis True Image 2014 can be downloaded from the Acronis website and it is available free for customer evaluation here. It is bundled with 250GB cloud storage, which is free for three months and if you want to continue, you can subscribe for a nominal annual fee. The installation of the software is pretty much simple and straightforward. You can choose the drive in which you want to install the software and it can be completed in a few steps. However, it is necessary to register with Acronis with a valid email id so that you can access the cloud storage space availed.

The acronis offers a variety of options to backup your system, and is simple as saving a file.  However, if you are choosing the cloud storage, be sure to have a broadband connection so that you can complete the task in few minutes. The user interface is so friendly and cool that you will feel it interesting to follow them.

Backing up Your system using Acronis True Image 2014

You can start with clicking on the Acronis icon created on the desktop, and it will open the home screen with the get started tab selected. The get started page will guide you through the backup and recovery process and it will give you a clear idea about the different features of the software.

You can start the backup by clicking on the “Back up system” button on the screen and it will open disc backup options window where you can make all the settings for your backup. You can select the discs you want to backup and select the backup destination. In this menu, you can either choose a local disc or Acronis cloud for backing up the data. Also, you can setup scheduling for automatic backups and select backup schemes such as incremental, differential or full backup. You can assign a name for the backup and it will be helpful when you want to locate the backup to recover your system.
true image 2014 disk backup
Acronis True Image 2014 disk backup
New version interface
You can start the backup by clicking on the “Backup Now” button at the right lower corner of the screen or assign it to be done later and that can be selected from the dropdown menu. For the first time users it is always better create a full backup so that you can continue with incremental backups.
Backup and recovery tab
Backup and recovery tab
Making incremental or differential backups in Acronis online storage

It is very simple to set the scheme of the backups; you can select the scheme from the popup “Disc Backup Options” window on clicking the backup scheme in the settings in disc backup window. You can select from the different schemes available and can make the backup to Acronis cloud by selecting the Acronis cloud in the destination.
Create incremental backup to Acronis Cloud
Create incremental backup to Acronis Cloud
Recovering system using stored backups

You can recover your system from the saved backups and you can see the backups in the Backup and Recovery tab of the home screen.
Select backup to recover
Select backup to recover
This tab lists all the stored backups and you can choose the most appropriate one to recover your system or drive. Clicking on the restore button will lead you to the disc recovery menu, where you can select the drive that you need to recover.
Now you can select the disc and it can be restored by clicking the Recover now button. However, if the operating system is corrupted or the system fails to boot, you can recover the system using an external drive that contains the backup files. Make the changes in the BIOS so as to assign the attached rescue media drive as the first boot device. You can boot from the rescue media and select True Image. In the recovery method, you can select the Recover whole discs and partitions and you can recover your corrupted system in a few steps.

Using the synchronization function

File synchronization is very advantageous to those who require the same files on different devices, including tablets and smartphones. With Acronis True image 2014, it is simple to create sync and also, we can create as many synchs as we want. The Acronis cloud will help you to keep the synched files with all versions, making it easy for you to rollback to prior versions whenever required. You can start using this function by clicking on the synchronization tab in the home screen and you can create new synch using the new synch icon.
Synchronization in 2014 version
Synchronization in 2014 version
What is new in Acronis True Image 2014?

There are many new features in this version, such as

- Disc backup to Acronis Cloud
- Incremental recovery from Acronis Cloud
- Improved online backup performance
- Recovery from the online storage using bootable media

Acronis True Image 2014 pros and cons

Pros: It is one of the feature rich backup and restore tool with cloud backup and data synchronization. It features very friendly user interface and is Windows 8 compatible.

Cons: It is painfully slow and the company offers a poor product support. Some features can make non standard modifications to the disc structure, creating a potentially dangerous situation.
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