Easeus Todo Backup Home 6 Review
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EaseUs Todo Backup Home 5.8 interface
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 5.8 interface
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A comprehensive Review on EaseUS Todo Backup Home 6

Now-a-days we are highly dependent on computers for information processing and data storage, hence backing up data has become quite more important than ever before. The backing up can be done manually, by mirroring the files in any external drives, but it is quite cumbersome and will be difficult for most of the people to find enough time to complete this time consuming process. Here, the data backup software can do great job for us, by backing up all our data in storage devices or in the cloud with a few mouse clicks or even automatically, and the EaseUS ToDo Backup Home is one of such software, which can make the backup process much easy and fast.
EaseUS ToDo Backup Home

Using specialized backup software can make our data backup and restoration more precise and fast. There are many free and premium applications for backup available in the market today, and here the EaseUS ToDo Backup Home stands apart with its unique features and affordable price. This software is developed by EaseUS, a well acclaimed software developer, especially for their works in the field of backup and data security software solutions. The EaseUS ToDo Backup Home is one of their most popular development, that provide the customers a one stop solution for their data backup, recovery and storage management.
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 6 disk/partition backup
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 6 disk/partition backup
EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 6

The EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 6 is the latest release of this useful application and it offers the user handful of fantastic and new features to make the backup and restoring much easy and faster than ever before. This version of the software is mainly aimed at home users and is very powerful yet affordable; it costs merely 50% of the competitor. It is simple to install, easy to use, and have very friendly user interface that people with minimum know-how can benefit from it.

EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 6 is very safe and reliable, so that you can depend on it to backup any crucial data in locations where ever you want. It has multilingual capabilities and is compatible with all latest Windows operating systems including Windows 8. It stores all data in your computer comprising the operating system, installed applications and other files, which insures a hassle free disaster-recovery. This facility enables the user to restore the system into its original state without reinstalling the operating system and other applications, with a single click.
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 6 system backup
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 6 system backup
New and refined features in EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 6

In this release, the EaseUS has tried to bring in the most awaited and demanded features and the wonderful new features include:

- Backup facility for email and MS Outlook, so that you will never lose them and can access even after you delete them.

- Facility to backup music files, videos, pictures and documents under Windows Library.

- Backup the PC to any external storage device such as external HDD, USB flash drive and optical discs to ensure maximum data protection with just one click.

- System snapshot, that enable the user to take a snapshot of the current system and store it in the backup, which will enable them to recover the system from crash/ failure with much ease.

- Facility to recover any single file from the disc/partition backup image without recovering the whole image, hence help to save much storage space.

- Facility to backup data to the cloud directory folder and then store the backup data into GoogleDrive, SkyDrive and many other cloud environments to ensure double data protection.

It also include all the necessary features of a best backup software such as, Libraries backup/restore, Network attached storage, Scheduled backup, Differential disc and file backup, Incremental disc and file backup, disc partition backup, splitting backup, view-edit-delete backup task/plan and many more.
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 6 Disk Clone
EaseUs Todo Backup Home 6 Disk Clone
Comparison between EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 6 and EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 5

Compared to EaseUS ToDo Backup Home 5, EaseUS have incorporated many new features in the new version. They have fixed all the problems with the system backup and driver incompatibility issues with Windows 8.  The new version has more facilities to migrate physical system into a virtual environment, like recovering the backup image to virtual environment and recovering each file/folder from disc/ partition backup image etc.


Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a system backup and recovery software in the market, but finding the one which can give us all the functions that we need at an affordable price is a big task. The EaseUS ToDO Backup home 6 is an ideal companion to home computer users and small entrepreneurs. It is very affordable yet you can find almost all features of top notch software in it.