Novabackup Professional Review
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Novabackup 16 Professional - The Ultimate Solution for Data Backup

Why we need a backup?

In this era of computers, we are highly dependent on them. More than just information processing, we use computers to shop, work and play. The entrepreneurs cannot live without them, as the computer networks are an integral part of their daily activities, including communication and data storage. However, these electronic devices are not perfect; they can fail at any moment without a warning. There can be corrupt files, motherboard malfunctions or CPU quits, taking the precious data along with them. It is a very drastic situation, where most of the business canít survive as the data is the most important part in their business. However, there is no need to worry, as there is an ultimate solution to overcome this problem, the data backup. Now, there is much software available in the market, which will help you to store your data in secured servers. If you are searching for a backup solution, the Novabackup 14.5 professional will be a best solution to meet all your requirements.
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Novabackup Professional Interface
Novabackup Professional Interface
Novabackup 16 Professional Review

NovaBACKUP Professional is the new release from NovaStor, the pioneers in developing data protection and availability software. The Novabackup is a Windows backup utility for Laptops, PCs and workstations. This award winning software will help you to protect your valuable data by storing them in local and online storage destinations. It is very easy to use and will take only a few minutes to install and configure in your system. It contains all features, such as file level backup/restore, whole system disaster recovery and can create a new disaster recovery protection disc in just three clicks. It also features a newly designed backup wizard and faster boot disc creation facilities, making it one of the best in backup applications.

Features of Novabackup Professional

- The Novabackup 16 professional supports all windows versions including Windows 8 and is one of the fastest backup tools

- It can use local external drives such as CD/DVD drives, USB devices, External hard discs and tape drives for quick restore and mirror image disaster discovery

- This software stores critical and irreplaceable data in the cloud for offsite redundancy

- It offers 2 GB of free storage space and an option to scale it according to the user requirements

- It stores all types of files and data

- It can restore all your system including the installed programs with a few mouse clicks, irrespective of their brand or type

- It provides the most robust features such as multiple backup and copy mode settings, free Amazon S3 storage connection, NAS device support, Anti-virus scan for backup etc.

- It delivers unmatched security for your data by encrypting it to AES 256 standards

- It features the fastest online cloud connection which enables you to secure your valuable data offsite

What is new in 16 version?

The NovaStor has added so many new and wonderful features into their new release-the NovaBackup 14.5 Professional.  Some of the new feature includes:

- Fast creation of the disaster recovery or system image boot disc in a few steps
- Creates mountable DR image, which can be used to restore files or programs from your image
- Increased user interface speed and S3/FTP backup
- Supports UEFI boot
- Universally usable ANS and network locations that can be used by all backup jobs
- Easily import backup media from the network locations or NAS
- It restores individual files from image and mount disaster recovery image as drives

Comparison between Novabackup 16 Professional and Novabackup 15 versions

The Novabackup 16 is a complete revised edition of the Novabackup 15 and has some added advantage over the older version. Some of them are:

- New Improved System Imaging/ Disaster Recovery
- Windows 8 Ready
- Works more easily and efficiently with NAS and Network Devices
- Up to 4X faster than other backup tools
- Cluster Shared Volume support and Hyper-V cluster support
- Improved Central Management Console
- Phone-In Support

Pros and cons of 16 version:


The Novabackup 16 Professional features very flexible tools and options, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced users. The variety of the advanced features enables you to easily backup all files, including music, pictures, documents and applications. It comes with 2 GB free online storage space to backup, so that you can backup your most critical files remotely.


There are not many known cons about this program and the main drawback of it is that it only supports windows based systems, disappointing the open source and Mac users.


The NovaBackup 16 Professional is the latest version of the famous backup and restores utility software from Novastor. It will help you to backup and restore all valuable data better than any other software. It is very easy to use and includes all the advanced features you are looking for. It has a very user friendly interface and will free you from all the worries about the data loss.
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Author: Paul Carry | 17.06.2014
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