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The Best Online Backup Software 2013 to Protect Your Data - How to Choose?

Most every computer user in the world amasses hundreds of pieces of important data each month. This data is prone to being easily eliminated, should the worst happen and your hard drive crashes, or you experience a theft, fire, or even a flood. Without the use of advanced online storage options, your precious data is one disaster away from being permanently destroyed.

What are the Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Storage?

With such an easy to use system, most people do not even think about the complex features that they should look for in an online software storage company. Without considering the right factors, your data can continue to be in jeopardy and no more protected than it would be on your feeble flash drive or a CD.

- Does the service upload any new and changed data automatically?
- Can you backup your data while it is in use or open?
- Does the program offer a web client for restoring?
- Does the program allow synchronizing and sharing?
- Is there a mobile and Mac client?

These questions need to be investigated and answered with each storage solution you are looking at. These features are some of the most important features used by individuals and storage solutions that do not offer them are normally lacking in usability.

Price is often the biggest concern when it comes to users looking for online storage. No one wants to have to pay an extravagant amount for storage, but they also do not want to accept subpar features in place of a higher price. The following information gives a brief lowdown on some of the most popular online storage companies and the fees that they charge along with their benefits.
Acronis True Image 2013 Online Backup
Acronis True Image 2013 Online Backup (read review)

- Cost: $4.99/month
- 250 GB
- Offers double protection
- File synchronization
- You can save money by paying by the year at about $4.16 a month.
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carbonite online backup
Carbonite Online Backup

- Cost: $59.00/year
- Unlimited storage
- Auto backup Encryption services
- Home and Office plans
idrive online backup
IDrive Online Backup

- Cost: $49.00
- Unlimited on a single PC
- Offers multiple tiers
- Offers continuous data protection
CrashPlan Online Backup
CrashPlan Online Backup

- Cost: $50/year
- Unlimited on one PC
- Easy to use Interface
- 448-bit encryption
- Family plans available
Mozy Online Backup
Mozy Online Backup

- Cost: $5.99/month 50 GB
- $9.99/month for 125 GB
- You can add an additional computer and 20 GB for $2
- Offers file sync
- Offers a free 2 GB account
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When investigating the different features that each storage company offers, it is vital that you know what you have need of. While many of these features are great to have, they will not do you much good if they go unused.

Since many of the online storage companies offer free trials, it may help to try their services out before you make the commitment to fees. Most free trials last for a couple of weeks, and up to thirty days. This gives you plenty of time to try out the different features to find which ones are most important to you and which ones you will use the most.

It is time that you stopped leaving your data in possible harm's way and found a solution that can better protect it. No one wants to lose his or her data through accidental deletion or disaster. In this way, your data is always available for you, no matter what may happen to the computer it is stored on.
mozy home online backup
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acronis true image 2013