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Available Software and Services

True Image 2018

This software records a full image of your computer's settings and data then stores it in a Cloud server. This goes beyond merely uploading your main hard drive to the Internet, as it is an exact replica of the current settings of whatever the image is taken from.

Disk Director 12 Home

Maximizing server storage can make the difference between investing thousands into additional hardware or using the funds on something that is not quite as unnecessary. It is debatable if a home or private user would need to go to the length of performing the tedious task of disk management, but for SMBs and larger corporations, the tool can be invaluable.

Backup and Recover 12.5 Line

This service is designed to serve any client thanks to its scalable costs and service. Thanks to the breadth of Acronis services, the backup and recover line goes beyond a mere recovery tool: it interacts with TrueImage to give you the most accurate updates, it allows you to access the data from anywhere via cloud storage, and the best feature of all may be the bare-metal recovery options - perfect for maintaining a base system setup for new employee desktops and laptops.

What Else Is Great about Acronis?

Consolidated Source for Multiple Programs

Having all of your cloud-related information services available from one location makes the entire process more convenient. Hard drive images can be backed up and stored on cloud servers and protected by modern security measures, and you will only have one more bill added on to the budget. As you do more business with a company, it promotes the development of a working relationship that can make future dealings more favorable.

Separate Plans for Home Office, SMBs, and Enterprises

Acronis's solutions are catered specifically to the needs of various types of clients, acknowledging the intrinsic truth that not everyone who uses their software will have the same requirements. While you can purchase any service regardless of your classification, certain packages are recommended for home office, small and medium businesses (SMBs), and large-scale enterprises.

How Does Acronis Stack Up Against the Competition?

The primary competitors for the data services Acronis supplies are a mix of security, cloud service providers, and broad-spectrum companies like Microsoft. Symantec's data services are lacking in comparison to their security service, while Acronis's tech support has been noted to be much better than the other company's service. Carbonite struggles to keep up with just a single Acronis service. Mozy's pricing and features do not match up at all, considering they charge monthly and per-computer fees for storage.

The only area where Acronis comes in behind its competitors is its lack of support for Macs. Even without it, Acronis has been steadily gaining more market presence since its inception in 2001.

A Well-Rounded IT Company

The colloquial phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" does not quite apply to Acronis. They are not the master of all their options, but many of them are at the top of the game. If you need drive imaging, cloud storage, backups and recovery, disk management, virtual machine management, security services, data transfers, system deployment, and more, then do not hesitate to contact Acronis as soon as possible for more information.
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Who is Acronis?

The plethora of tech startups and emerging technologies can leave a person far behind on who is who in the field. Acronis is a software development and cloud service company that specifically focuses on data backup, management and recovery. To help familiarize you with the company, here is a look at its major products as well as why the company has been successful (see below).
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