Acronis vmProtect 9 Review
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Acronis Backup for VMware Review


Acronis is undoubtedly one of the leading providers of physical, virtual and cloud backup solutions, and it has recently announced the launch of its new product - Acronis vmProtect 9. It would not be wrong to say that this is much more than just an upgraded version of the previous Acronis vmProtect 8. This new VMware vSphere backup solution is another ingenious product to be added to the line of award winning Acronis vmProtect solutions. In simpler terms, it is an exceptionally easy, one stop back-up solution for all small and medium scale businesses, and even for remote locations and branch offices of large enterprises.
Author: Paul Carry | 12.09.2013
VmProtect 9 interface
VmProtect continues to be one of the most viable solutions available for users that can recover data from all three levels, be it hypervisor, virtual machine or application. In addition, the new version also supports Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server as well as the Microsoft Directory. It is capable of automatically recognizing file systems while incrementally restoring virtual machines as well as skipping unnecessary files. With VmProtect, the same files can be uploaded to multiple locations while automatically restoring to the chosen destination, be it a local destination or cloud destinations. 

A rare combination of latest technology and robust features, Acronis vmProtect is very user friendly. This allows businesses of all scales and branches located in the remotest of areas to employ this state-of-art virtual and cloud back-up solution to get maximum benefits without spending additional resources in installing and understanding its operations. A product so advanced, it surprisingly requires hardly three minutes to install. To make it even more adaptable, Acronis vmProtect 9 has an accessible Web user interface. The same is made better equipped to handle smaller vSphere environments with a dozen VMs and equipped to support hundreds of VMs for small businesses or branches of bigger enterprises. 

Features that cannot be overlooked in Acronis vmProtect 9

There is more than one reason why Acronis vmProtect 9 is considered as one of the best back-up solutions presently available. Here is a list of its most interesting features:

- Acronis vmProtect 9 comes with vmFlashBack which allows it to incrementally restore virtual machines at great speed while simultaneously recognizing file types and skipping unnecessary files. Needless to say this saves up a lot of space by avoiding duplication or piling up of unnecessary files, not to mention the time that would have had to be spent removing these unnecessary files.

- It only requires a compressed and de-duplicated image to directly run the virtual machines. Clearly, it cannot get more hassle-free and secure than this.

- Highest standard of Backup is what it promises and backup is what it delivers at more than just one location. It allows for a multi-destination backup solution which in turn allows for copying backups to an additional local or cloud location effortlessly.

- Acronis vmProtect 9 also has the ability to save and restore its own configurations through very useful self-backup feature.

- It can be managed directly from VMware v Centre as it can be fully integrated with it, thus making recovery and replication operations unbelievably simplified.

What makes Acronis vmProtect 9 leaps and bounds ahead of earlier versions?

Acronis vmProtect 9 is not merely an old program in a new packaging. With vmProtect 9, Acronis has introduced many new cutting-edge features that the previous vmProtect 8 lacks. For those who already own the previous version, it is time for an upgrade and this is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. It incorporates many new features that make the process of maintaining a back-up much more efficient, easy and accessible. Here are some of the major features that place Acronis vmProtect 9 head and shoulders above the previous version.

1) In addition to the Exchange granular recovery, which is also available in the previous version, Acronis vmProtect9 comes with an application aware, agent-less, single-pass VM backup and recovery for Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Active Directory. What makes it truly exceptional is the fact that it provides back and recovery solutions to individual databases in Microsoft SQL Server, to individual items and documents in Microsoft SharePoint Server while ensuring recovery of full domain controllers.

2) Users can monitor multiple installations of vmProtect on simple web based Management dashboard with vmProtect 9.

3) Acronis vmProtect 9 allows saving and restoration of its configuration, which in ensures unparalleled protection.

4) Additional unique features of vmProtect 9 include the option of truncating transaction logs, extracting individual documents from a SharePoint content store as well as preventing any rollbacks in Update Sequence Number.

Acronis VmProtect 9 Vs Competitors

Acronis vmProtect9 is in  a league of its own, providing complete back up restoration at a speed 100 times the conventional speed of other back-up software systems available in the market. What’s more, speed is not the only area in which Acronis vmProtect 9 leaves the rest behind. Here are a few areas in which vmProtect 9 delivers better and faster results than the other two most commonly used back-up solutions, Veeam Backup and Replication standard 6.1 and Veeam Back up and Replication 6.1 Enterprise.

1. Deployment
Along with the regular features of agent-less backup of virtual machine and installation of apps on Windows server, laptop or personal computer, vmProtect 9 also allows deploying app as ESX(i) Virtual Appliance. This is a feature unique to vmProtect 9 and missing from Veeam Back and Replication standard 6.1 as well as Veeam Back up and Replication 6.1 Enterprise.

2. Management
The most attractive, innovative and unique characteristic of vmProtect 9 is perhaps its ability to be managed conveniently. All its operations can be managed from both remote Web-based console as well as VMware vCenter. Needless to say, both Veeam Backup and Replication standard 6.1 and Veeam Back up and Replication 6.1 Enterprise provide no such facility to the users.

3. Storage
Presently, products in the market like Veeam Backup and Replication standard 6.1 and 6.1 Enterprise allows the backup to be stored on Disk, Network Share or NAS. VmProtect9 takes accessibility to next level and allows data to be stored on FTP and SFTP or cloud destinations or both. Its multi-destination feature allows you to maintain back-up simultaneously at all destinations.

4. Backup
It has the unique ability to discard any unused blocks, files, folders and volumes from VM backup unlike the other two products. Automated backup verification is not provided in Veeam Backup and Replication standard 6.1 and Veeam Backup and Replication 6.1 Enterprise but this useful feature is fortunately incorporated in Acronis vmProtect9. It also allows data de-duplication between backup sessions and has an encryption of AES 256 bit. Both these features are missing in Veeam Backup and Replication standard 6.1 and Veeam Backup and Replication 6.1 Enterprise.

5. Recovery
For a backup solution system, the greatest selling point is undoubtedly the accessibility of the backup data or recovery. Acronis vmProtect9 allows incremental restore by employing vmFalshBack, recovery of the entire ESXi host and recovery of Microsoft exchange mailboxes as well as emails. Veeam Backup and Replication standard 6.1 lacks each of these new features while Veeam Backup and Replication 6.1 Enterprise allows only the recovery of Microsoft mailboxes and emails.

6. Additional features
A distinguishing feature of vmProtect9 is the option of P2V or Physical to Virtual as well as V2V or Virtual to Virtual Migration. The same is missing in Veeam Backup and Replication 6.1 Enterprise and Veeam Backup and Replication 6.1 Standard.

7. Licensing
The best has perhaps been saved for the last and rightly so. Acronis vmProtect9 provides you with cutting-edge technology in backup solutions and a plethora of new features which none of the other two backup solutions possess, even at much higher rate than that of Acronis vmProtect9. The cost of a per socket license with unlimited VMs in case of vmProtect9 comes to $599 while the same costs $ 699 in case of Veeam Backup and Replication 6.1 Standard and $1099 for Veeam Backup and Replication 6.1 Enterprise. 

Undoubtedly, Acronis vmProtect9, with its superior technology and innovation, beats both its predecessors and competitors to the position of the best available backup solution available in the market presently, it is certainly worth to upgrade to the latest version today from version 8.
VmProtect 9 interface
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