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All love to save their hard-earned dollars and stretch it to live the life they want. Here, we are trying to help such people by providing them coupons, discount codes, and promotions. However, it becomes your duty to read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the websites before making a deal. The policies followed by various websites differ in matters such as, taxes involved, expiration times, limitations, and additional fees. Some coupons can be used a number of times, some are transferable, but usage of coupon depends on the policies followed by the coupon provider website.  The internet services are not false proof or fully secure, so we cannot guarantee you 100% security for your data.

There are millions of coupons available in the internet and we have tried our level best to bring most popular and searched for coupons, discount codes, and promotions that are useful to you.  We have a number of ads, ad words from Google and a number of internal or affiliated links. You can click on any ad or link provided in our website, but always keep in mind that we do not manage the content displayed on them.

Our ultimate goal is to help you get things without breaking your budget. We will offer too good to resist discounts and promotions goods, but we cannot guarantee you the time limit. Our email service may update you with the latest offers and you may come across reference or links to other websites. The policies of our website may not comply with the policies of the referenced websites, so please go through their policies to ensure your safety. We also request you to keep off from such websites.

We are not at all interested in your personal details, but may collect some passive information, which includes your Internet Tags, IP Addresses, Navigational Data, and cookies. Beware of the page that asks you to submit any personally identifiable information, as we do not promote it. You are advised to treat such websites or pages with utmost care. We require only minimal data from you and we use it to find more offers from which you can benefit. Use our website as well as all other coupon code websites responsibly.

Our main purpose is to be a better place where you can find information and share latest deals and coupons to your dear ones. Simply follow the links to know more about the currently available coupons. It will be our sole discretion to edit, modify, or delete the policies of the websites from time to time. Therefore, we request you to go through the revised policies, before submitting any information on our website. Please do not use any service offered by this website, if you do not agree with our policies. If you are using the services, then it means that you are accepting our policies. Frequent checking will help you to keep updated with the changes we have made to our policies. We respect your privacy and you can control the way in which we use it.