CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra Review
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CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra Review

If you are an amateur or a professional, who deals with lot of photographs daily, then CyberLink PhotoDirector will be an ideal companion. It is an intuitive and powerful solution, specially designed for those, who want to bring out depth and perfection in their photographs. The wonderful photo editing and manipulating tools in CyberLink PhotoDirector, lets you import, manage, edit and adjust your digital photographs in a professional way. This software also allows you to produce slideshow videos and share it with social media networks and video streaming sites such as, Facebook, Flicker, YouTube etc.

Now, CyberLink has announced CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra, the latest version of this application, packed with numerous new enhanced tools and features that can make it the number one photo editing solution in the market. The unique features in the new version can empower you to repair, enhance, and transform every snap you take into a masterpiece.  In addition, it helps you to manage elaborate picture libraries and share it online.

The attractive Features of CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra

User-friendly Interface and easily accessible tools:
The CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra offers very simple and uncluttered user interface compared to its rivals. Both professional and an amateur will find it easy to use and even one with less experience in modern photo editing applications will find it less intimidating. The main window features PhotoDirector modules, Library/Adjustment/Edit/Slideshow/Print Panel, Photo Browser Panel and Photo Viewer Window arranged at perfect positions for easy visibility and use.
Author: Paul Carry | 06.09.2013
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user friendly interface
Non-destructive environment:
This application provides a non-destructive environment for editing photos by creating a virtual copy of the image. All the adjustments you made are applied on this virtual image as simulation and the changes are applied to the original only when you output the photo to the final production. This will make you confident to do more experiments to achieve the results in your imagination, as the original image is kept safe during the course of editing.

Powerful Regional Adjustment Tools:
CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 offers all the basic and advanced tools for professional photo editing. The regional adjustment tools include crop, spot removal, red eye removal, adjustment brush, adjustment selection and gradient mask. It features a wonderful crop tool that can crop and rotate the image in a brilliant way. The tool overlay function will assist you to crop and rotate image precisely, so that you can correct any crooked or uneven image with much ease.
adjustment tools
It features an intelligent spot removal tool that can remove noticeable spots; discoloration and blemishes with heal and clone tools. In addition to this, it can remove similar spots from several pictures in a single step. The Red eye tool can do a great job for you with a single mouse click; it can auto detect the red eye and correct it effortlessly. It also features adjustment brush with edge detection and a selection brush tool that can intelligently highlight the area to be enhanced. The Gradient Mask tool allows you to improve various parameters such as white balance, sharpness, vibrancy and noise reduction in target areas.

Advanced Image Editing Tools:
The CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra offers the user a bunch of advanced image editing tools. It includes Body Shaper, Protect brush, Eye blinker, Wrinkle remover, Skin smoother and Toothbrush.
image editing
It has many dedicated tools, such as Background Removal and Content Aware Removal to make tiring tasks like background swapping and object extraction, much easy and fast. Using these tools, you can produce wonderful portraits and close-ups that may look amazingly beautiful in a comparatively shorter time. The comprehensive lens correction tools in this suite will enable you to repair images with chromatic aberration or vignette and correct the images with perspective distortions such as key-stoning and fish-eye. 
advanced editor
Fancy Effects:
With CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra, you can add a number of special effects to your image. You can apply B&W, Sepia, Blur and tint effect to the selected area of the photograph while keeping the rest untouched by masking it with brush. The new HDR effects can give the image a punchy and dynamic color by boosting the contrast relative to nearby pixels.
fancy effects
Enhanced Photo management:
The CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra offers you many ways to manage and retrieve your photos. It features a unique face detection technology that makes the organization of the albums effortless with face tagging. It also provides many indexing and image filtering facilities so that you can organize them with flags, labels, rate and more.

Camera raw support:
This software supports Camera Raw format and you can edit raw files from your Nikon or Kodak without destroying the original image.

New features in CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 and comparison with PhotoDirector 4

However, the User interface looks same; it is more advanced and quick, compared to PhotoDirector 4. CyberLink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra supports 64-bit operating systems and its redefined tools ensure a smooth workflow from importing an image to its final output. It includes new functions, such as Split toning, Texture Control in noise reduction, and improved lens correction with hassle free auto correction. The new version use Split Toning technique and can produce amazing photo effects or add color to B&W photos with great perfection. The bracket HDR function in the new version will be an added advantage for the professionals as they can easily create high dynamic range images by bracketing multiple images shot at different exposures. The photo Stack is a new function in the Photo Browser Panel, which help you to stack photos, easily.

The CyberLink PhotoDirector features all the tools required for professional photo editing and is arranged in an easy to use manner so that everyone can make the best out of this application. It is very fast, user friendly and easily adaptable compared to the rivals, making it the number one choice of new generation Photographers.
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Cyberlink PhotoDirector 5