Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 Review
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 Review: What You Need To Know

Kaspersky Labs, developer of a range of highly-acclaimed secure content and threat management technologies, has recently released Anti-Virus 2014, their annual update to the award-winning computer security software package. Featuring a wide range of sophisticated disinfection and malware removal tools, Anti-Virus 2014 has received positive reviews from industry professionals around the world.
Author: Paul Carry | 02.09.2013
kaspersky antivirus 2014 coupon
Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 interface
Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 interface

In many ways, Anti-Virus 2014 builds upon the success of the 2013 edition, providing a range of tools designed to eliminate malware. Although some users may have difficulty installing the software on malware-infected systems, the majority of customers will find installation to be a streamlined and efficient process. Thanks to a number of auxiliary software tools provided by Kaspersky, users experiencing problems installing the software can remedy their issues quickly and easily. Once installed, Anti-Virus 2014 offers users an array of powerful customization options, allowing for personally tailored energy efficiency, resource management and security levels, in addition to recommended default settings.

Kaspersky has earned considerable commendation for their advanced customer service infrastructure. Users experiencing technical issues with Anti-Virus 2014 have quick and easy access to a range of FAQ’s, forums and online troubleshooting resources. Additionally, the experts at Kaspersky offer users the ability to submit error logs and receive personalized fix-up scripts to quickly repair their software.
Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 settings
Kaspersky Antivirus 2014 settings
Kaspersky 2014 vs 2013

Anti-Virus 2014 provides much better support for the Windows 8 operating system than its predecessor, Anti-Virus 2013. Users will find that their computer maintains increased performance using Anti-Virus 2014 over the 2013 edition. Although Anti-Virus 2013’s GUI provided users with intuitive and accessible functionality, Anti-Virus 2014 takes this convenience one step further, providing significantly enhanced speed alongside a revamped interface that makes the powerful functionality of this software even more accessible. Kaspersky has always strived to provide users with the best possible resource efficiency, and Anti-Virus 2014 is no exception to the rule. The 2014 edition greatly reduces resource consumption, ensuring that customers are able to continue using their computer during malware removal and system testing. Kaspersky designed Anti-Virus 2014 to act as a silent, permanent addition to a computer’s operating system, vigilantly protecting hardware from a range of potentially harmful threats while still allowing users to work within resource-heavy software packages, virtually eliminating the threat system crashes or freezes.

As with any virus protection software, yearly updates are invaluable not only for their updated performance and accessibility, but also for their enhanced detection capabilities. Anti-Virus 2014 is equipped to locate and eliminate an extensive catalogue of older and more recent hazards. With advanced phishing protection and malware removal, Anti-Virus 2014 offers professional performance at an affordable price. That being said, the malware blocking features were unable to match the performance levels of other aspects of the software. Combined with the previously mentioned installation issues, some users may find their experience with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 to be less than optimal, that being said, Anti-Virus 2014 remains a dependable and reliable software package.

Kaspersky 2014 vs BitDefender 2014 Comparison

So how does it fair against its competitors? Anti-Virus 2014 is almost perfectly matched with BitDefender AntiVirus 2014 Free when comparing performance in malware removal. That being said, BitDefender’s AntiVirus PLUS 2014 outperforms all of its competitors in this particular field.  As Kasperksy’s Anti-Virus 2014 can only match the performance of BitDefender’s free version of their renowned AntiVirus software during malware removal, some customers may choose to invest their money in BitDefender’s AntiVirus PLUS.

Where Kaspersky continues to excel over its competitors, however, is in its array of powerful included accessories, providing supplemental system protection in addition to standard malware defense. In comparison to Anti-Virus 2014, BitDefender’s AntiVirus PLUS proves much more difficult to install, and, without the helpful assistance tools provided by Kaspersky, may leave some users feeling frustrated. Although it’s difficult to declare a “winner,” customers seeking the best all-around product and ease of use should stick with Anti-Virus 2014, due in large part to its well-developed support base.


For many users, the powerful performance and reliability of Anti-Virus 2014 will be more than enough to justify the $39.95 price tag. As Kaspersky has developed a reputation for providing unparalleled performance and consistency, Anti-Virus 2014 can, in many ways, rest on its laurels. That being said, customers should keep an eye on Kaspersky’s competitors, as the competition continues to heat up. Overall, Anti-Virus 2014 is an excellent choice for computer users across a wide range of abilities, industries and interests.