Acronis True Image for MAC Review
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Author: Paul Carry | 30.06.2014
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A Comparison Between Apple Time Machine and Acronis True Image For Mac

Both the Time Machine and True Image for Mac are applications that aid Mac users everywhere backup their PCs effortlessly. Although the programs basically perform similar functions, there are tons of differences between each application which makes it more suited to its particular function. Below is a detailed summary of each application to give every user a better understanding of how it works.
Acronis True Image for MAC interface
Acronis True Image for MAC interface
Apple Time Machine Interface
Apple Time Machine Interface
Apple Time Machine

In the event of any catastrophic damage of your Mac PC, the Apple Time Machine will help you restore any lost data including all the files and folders that may have been deleted accidentally. This application was released into the market in the year 2011 and immediately every Mac User was craving for a piece of it.

Features of the Time Machine

- It works effectively with any Mac System starting from the OS X to any later systems released to date.
- The user interface is very unique and friendly to all Mac Users including newbies.
- It works with any hard drive regardless of whether itís external or internal.
- It works with both an image and file based backup systems.

Pros of the Time Machine

- Setting up the application on your Mac is very easy. With a helpful wizard, the installation is fast and effortless.
- The application backs up any changes on your PC every hour. Any older backups are deleted immediately the disk space is completely used.
- In case of a missing file, you can easily recover it and even better take a sneak peak at the contents of that particular file.

Cons of the Time Machine

- To effectively backup all your data, the application requires a large space of your hard drive which is a bit disadvantageous to users with a smaller hard drive.
- The first initial backup takes a very long time and may eventually slow down your PC.

Acronis True Image For Mac

Acronis True Image is a famous application for backup on Windows operating systems. Since these applications have been successful, the Acronis True Image for Mac was invented to provide Mac Users with a trustworthy way of backing up their systems efficiently. The application is relatively new in the market but it seems to have gained some sort of popularity among the Mac users.

Features of the Acronis True Image For Mac

- Whether youíre using the local network or a Cloud backup service, this application works perfectly.
- Comes with a trial version that lasts for 30 days after which there is an annual fee of $49.99
- With a simple design, easy installation process and helpful wizards for all the processes thereafter, backing up your data has never been easier.
- Any Mac user with OS X or any later version can effectively use the software to back up data.

Pros of Acronis TrueImage For Mac

- Regardless of whether you prefer a local network or cloud backup service, the application works perfectly for you.
- Comes with an easy installation process which makes it easy for beginners. The backup process comes with a detailed wizard which guides you all the way from the start to the finish.
- With the 30 day trial version, you can try out the application before committing to it completely.
- Doesnít take much space on your hard drive.
- You can manage a maximum of 10 backups every time. Any older backups are immediately deleted when new ones are created.


- Doesnít work with Bootcamp which makes it unreliable for users who run both Windows and Mac simultaneously on one PC.
- The annual maintenance fee of $49.99 is quite steep compared to similar products in the market.

So which is better - The Time Machine or True Image For Mac?

Comparing the two, True Image stands out more than the Time Machine because of the following reasons. First, True Image doesnít occupy as much space on your hard disk as the Time Machine. Secondly, True Image for Mac works with both a cloud backup service and a local network one which makes it efficient for Mac Users who canít access the cloud. Another reason why you should pick up the Acronis True Image for Mac is because although it doesnít support PCís that run both Mac and Windows concurrently it can support a virtual environment run by other applications such as Parallels Desktop 9.
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