Acronis Online Backup vs MozyHome Online Backup
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Comparison: Acronis Online Backup vs MozyHome Online Backup

Both Acronis and Mozy provide online backup solutions to protect your data and provide streamlined web-based recovery options. With hard drive capacities increasing online backups are requiring additional time and space before a computer has been completely backed up online. Both MozyHome Online Backup and Acronis True Image Online Backup have responded by eliminating the unlimited backup plans previously available. As more devices begin to provide options for remote-wiping of entire operating systems and data, it has become more important than ever to have a solid online backup plan that secures your data if you lose your computer, mobile device or physical backups fail.

Subscription Plans

Backup plans charge based on the available storage space and program support. Acronis provides the better value if you are simply looking for the most storage space with the lowest cost. As of 2012, the price of MozyHome starts at 50GB storage space for $5.99 per month or 125GB of storage space for $9.99 per month. Additional space can be added in 20GB increments at for $2 per increment. Compare this to Acronis that offers a single 250GB storage subscription for $4.95 per month. Both plans provide discounts if you pay up-front for annual storage. MozyHome provides one month free for one-year plans and three months free for two years plans. Acronis provides an annual fee of $49.99 per year for up-front payments. If you need additional storage space from Acronis you must purchase a business plan. With Acronis, you have more backup space and pay less for backups than MozyHome. However, MozyHome provides unlimited storage space, but you pay for each 20GB of additional storage space needed.
acronis online storage
Acronis Online Storage
Cross-Platform Compatibility

Only MozyHome provides support for Mac OS X. If you need to back up your documents on a Mac, then MozyHome is your only choice. Windows users can use Acronis provided Windows Home Server 2011, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 are installed.

Sync Options

Acronis provides user configurable sync options. Select the folders you want to make available via your cloud storage space to access your documents across any computer. You can also access files via your mobile devices. MozyHome also offers a file sync option that keeps your files synced across all of your computers and makes it easy to access recently saved files in the cloud. MozyHome, like Acronis, uses the concept of a sync folder to quickly access your documents. However, unlike Acronis, MozyHome only has one available folder referred to as the Stash folder. Drag the documents you want to make readily available in the cloud by adding files directly to the Stash folder. If you want to quickly sync folders and make them available online quickly without having to drag your files to a new folder, select Acronis.
MozyHome Online Backup settings
File Sharing Options

Acronis provides support for quickly linking to any stored file via a Web URL. This makes sharing files and folders with other users a breeze. With just one-click you can make any of your stored files securely accessible to anybody you want. MozyHome doesn't provide the ability to share files with other users.


Both Acronis and MozyHome provide military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Your data can't be accessed by anyone without the password to unlock the encryption on the server. For this reason, regardless of the service you choose, change your password regularly. Strong passwords can be cracked within four days when using common brute-force techniques. However, both companies provide automatic account-locking options to prevent the retrieval of your password.

Backup Process

Both software programs provide automatic backup options and restoration of various versions of the same file. If you need a previous version of your file, you can access your online backup repository to access the version of the file you need. Acronis True Image Online Backup lets you back up five computers, while MozyHome only allows you to back up a single computer. If you own multiple computers, Acronis provides the better value.
MozyHome Online Backup
acronis online backup
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