VMware Workstation 9 Review and comparison with version 8
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VMware Workstation 9 Review and comparison with version 8.

VMware Workstation is a hypervisor that uses x64 computer to run, and it enables technicians or users to set up manifold virtual machines and utilize them concurrently with actual machines. Recently, VMware Workstation launched its ninth version and it is said to be better than the previous versions. VMware has added support users of Windows 8, USB3.0, HTML5, and the current processors. This latest VMware Workstation 9 is normally utilized by testing teams and software developers. In this article, you will learn a few things about VMware Workstation 9 and comparison with version 8.
VMware Workstation 9 interface
VMware Workstation 9 interface
Key attributes of VMware Workstation 9:

- Windows 8 Support

With easy installation, it shortens your task of constructing VMs for Windows 8, which can run concurrently with a large number of bequest operating systems. The unique mode works flawlessly with Windows 8 applications and the multi-touch support makes a great Windows experience for its users.

- Superior Virtual Machines

It enables faster start-up performance and it supports USB3.0 for Windows 8 VMs. It is also compatible with Intel Ivy Bridge and it has greater virtualization extensions. In addition, you will certainly not find fault with the virtual performance counters, which support the OpenGL 2.1. Its improved 3D graphics make it a useful application for its efficiency and simplicity.

- Enhanced Mobility

The new Web interface provides users with access to VMs that are running in Workstation or on VMware vSphere from various technology gadgets including desktop PCs, laptops, Smartphones, and tablets. It does not require browsed-based or flash plug-ins and it delivers an inhabitant desktop experience.

- Classified VMs (Virtual Machines)

One of the best key attributes of VMware Workstation 9 is it allows IT instructors and administrators to construct VMs and configure them to avert students or employees from dragging and dropping any files between physical and virtual desktops, meddling with the VMs settings, or attaching devices. As soon as the limitations are organized, the VMs can be encrypted and allocated to run on LinuxPCs, Windows, or Mac with VMware Player 5, Workstation 9, or VMware Fusion 5 Professional.
VMware Workstation 9 settings
VMware Workstation 9 settings
Users who are familiar with virtualization on desktops know there are two products that stand out the most, and nearly everyone agrees that VMware Workstation 9 is the more reliable product. Many users have found that you cannot go wrong with the Workstation 9. It is not only a first-class virtual machine host, but it also offers a level of polish that you will not be able to find in other similar products. In addition, the attention to detail that is found in Workstation 9 is worthy of the price that you pay for it. Workstation 9 has some of the finest capabilities that not many users would have thought about or would even dream of.

A large number of users are ecstatic about the new features albeit a little overwhelmed. Even if you are not familiar with Workstation 8, you can opt to use VMware Workstation 9 right away, because it is not complicated to use at all. It offers a neatly organized interface, which means you can easily recognize the programs and tabs to use to get started with the program. Overall, VMware Workstation 9 has received recognition from IT instructors, administrators, and students who work closely with virtual machines.
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