How to Dual-Boot a system with Acronis OS Selector
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How to Dual-Boot a system with Acronis OS Selector

Installing several operating systems on a single computer with the help of an OS selector has never been easier. An OS selector is not only a boot but also a partition manager. It makes it possible for you to carry out multi-booting between operating systems that have been installed on your PC. Acronis OS is among the few boot managers that allows for many operating systems to be installed on a single computer. Also, it allows you come up with many configurations for any installed operating system. The software allows you to manage your localized operating systems in a convenient manner.
acronis os selector main window
Two OS installed with Acronis OS Selector: Windows XP and Experimental
There are a number of benefits that are associated with having many operating systems installed in one computer. If one crashes, you can still use others that are available without causing you unnecessary interference. However, to enable you to dual boot a system with an OS selector, here are step-by-step instructions that you can follow:

- Make sure that Acronis Disk Director 11 Home add-on is installed in your main system before you commence the installation process.

- Click tools, then OS Detection Wizard in the Acronis OS Selector

- Click next. This is on the first introductory page of the visible wizard.

- Choose whether to detect an OS on a CD or on the operating system. You can also detect its record in your MBR.

- If you are planning to install a new OS using DVD/CD, open your OS Selector and go to Tools, then to Options and finally to Startup options. While doing this, ensure that the option to load CD-Rom drivers remain unchecked.
choose operating system for booting
Select OS for booting with OS Selector
If you want to do the installation from a floppy disk and you don't see floppy in the operating system list, you should create a new boot from floppy. This can be done by selecting OS, then go to New and to Boot from floppy. All these options are in the menu.

If you want to get many copies of a Windows operating system installed, with each of them retaining unique software sets and their own properties, each of the above installation methods can work. However, you have an option to use numerous copies of similar Windows operating systems. This copy of the operating system, including all contents, is inside the Bootwiz folder, a system folder that's hidden. If you want the operating system copied, you can go to Edit and then Copy.

Why Acronis OS?

There are many benefits to using the Acronis OS selector. You will discover that the installation process is a breeze. Moreover, there are no bugs that are associated with it. This is not the case when other selectors for operating systems are used. Acronis has been developed with a purpose and that's why it has become the preferred option for webmasters. The interface is simply the best and you don't require specialized training to use it. Given that you can follow simple instructions, you will find it easier dual-booting your system with this superior OS selector.
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