How to clone a hard drive with Acronis Migrate Easy 7
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How to clone a hard drive with Acronis Migrate Easy 7?

Cloning a hard disk has never been an easier process. If you know how to go about it, you can be able to copy your contents from one hard disk to another or to an image file which will act as an intermediate file before the second disk gets loaded with the content. There are many reasons why this is done, but one of the most common is to help restore data that has been damaged or move data that's unwanted into another disk.
migrate easy main window
Acronis Migrate Easy 7 main window
Cloning, in most instances, presents many challenges. This is due to the fact that the files are either in use or hidden. These files, in ordinary cases, aren't available for copying. Among the things which you will require is Acronis Migrate Easy 7 and you'll need to follow the following steps.

- Backup your information or data. This is a necessary precaution which ensures that you are safe. There are higher chances that you'll lose the data if you don't back it up. Check how to create a drive backup using Acronis True Image 2013.

- Find a new hard disk drive. This is where your data will be transferred to and stored. The cable doesn't have to be hooked into a casing of a computer for the process to be finalized. What needs to be plugged in is power cable, SATA or IDE cable. You don't need to alter the jumper settings; all you should do is try them intact.

- Copying your hard drive with Acronis Migrate Easy 7 is a pretty easy and simple procedure. The procedures to be followed are simple and there are no glitches that are to be experienced. This is not the case if you use copying programs that are available free of charge. With Acronis Migrate Easy 7, you can copy your hard drive hassle free and pretty quick.

- After you have found and connected a new hard disk, you should start moving your data or information. This process may take a considerable amount of time, but it all depends on the amount of data that is to be moved to the new disk. You can take a few minutes or even hours.
clone drive options
Clone Disk options
One thing which you will appreciate about Acronis Migrate Easy 7 is the ease of using it. You will discover that it is straightforward and pretty simple to use. This is indeed the reason why it has become the preferred choice for many IT technicians and others who want to recover their data.

With Acronis Migrate Easy 7, you can transfer the partitions of your hard disk with preserved locations and sizes. It is indeed possible to move data from a disk that has more space to one whose space is smaller given that the data which is to be transferred will fit into the storage space that's available in the smaller disk. It also allows you to add a new hard disk into your system and come up with enough partitions within minutes. This special software makes it a great experience when you want to do disk cloning.
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