Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 for PC vs Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 for Servers Review
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Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 for PC vs Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 for Servers

The deployment, reinstallation or configuration of software (including an operating system) and specific configurations across the different machines of an enterprise network can be complex and time consuming. Implementing every single installation manually wastes time, and creates a loss for the business.

The use of Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 cuts down on this time and reduces the operational costs involved in these deployments. This easy to use application allows for the quick implementation of an existing full operating system and its applications to a new base machine. 

Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 comes in two versions; one the PC version, and the other the full server application. Before purchasing either, you should familiarize yourself with the features of each to ensure you get the usage you need from the program option you choose.
Step-by-step instructions of creating a master image online
How Does It Work?

Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 makes a disk image of the computer configuration you want to deploy. This can include an operating system and its configuration files or any other application you want to install.

The Difference

Although both the Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 for PC and for server are similar, in that they offer the same service, the Acronis Snap Deploy for PC version works solely for the deployment of PC and laptop configurations. You must manually use a media drive to implement the master computer's image on each laptop or machine where you run the deployment. In contrast, the server version works from a centrally located dashboard (on the server) and offers automatic simultaneous deployment of several machines on the network.

How Does The PC Version Work?

Create an image of the configuration you want, including the operating system, software and settings of a master machine. Save the image to some type of external media drive (a DVD/CD/Flash Drive or external hard drive). Insert the drive in the machine or laptop you want to deploy and boot the bare system from it.

As an additional option Acronis offers the Universal Deployment option that allows admins to customize each deployment for the specific hardware it is used on (installing the specific drivers for each machine.)

The Drawbacks to Acronis Snap Deploy for PC

Although this version is less expensive than the full server version, it only offers a license for a specific number of machines (this depending on the license for PC version you purchase.) If your business has more than a few machines needing deployment of full configurations, then it may be more cost effective to purchase the full Acronis Snap Deploy application for servers.

How Does the Server Version Work?

This version works in a similar fashion, except that once you make an image of the master computer, you load it to the server you are using. The installed Acronis application offers a dashboard where you can deploy the copied image simultaneously to multiple machines. It is here you also customize each machine’s deployment configuration.

Other server version features include:

- A wake-on LAN allowing the server admin to power on machines remotely.
- The ability to create deployment templates to reuse them for future tasks.
-  WoL Proxy that ensures the WoL functions on each machine configured to work on the network.
- Encryption with SecureSockets Layer (SSL) that protects the data during the deployment transfer.

Although the server deployment license does require new machines to purchase separate licenses, it does allow for unlimited deployment on each machine, a feature unavailable on the Acronis Snap Deploy 4.0 for PC version.
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